The Hutchinson Collegian is the student newspaper of Hutchinson Community College. We publish approximately 20 newspapers, distributed on Fridays, during the school year.

Meet our fall 2019 staff:

Tabitha Barr, Editor In Chief

The pride of Nickerson, Tabby enters her third semester on staff. She spent her freshman year as Opinion Page Editor and wrote a series of columns on women’s issues and life through the eyes of a feminist. A former high school golfer who would rather do a cannonball into a tank of acid than watch pretty much any sporting event on TV, Tabby is ready to take over as The Collegian’s “Chief”. She is a Media Production major.

Emily Fehrman, Opinion Page Editor

The Collegian’s wisecracking, smack-talking jokester is the funniest person she knows. She’s also the most amazing person she knows. She’s pretty darn cool. Emily is a Pretty Prairie native who is a journalism major. She’s fluent in English and Sarcasm. She served as The Collegian’s Social Media Coordinator last year. Follow her on Instagram: @e_fehrman

Jared Shuff, Campus Editor

Jared is the Campus Editor for the Collegian. He is a sophomore at Hutchinson Community College, currently majoring in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English. Born and raised in Hutchinson, Jared graduated from Buhler High School in 2018. Other than working on the newspaper, he is also part of the vocal jazz ensemble at the college.

Bailey Pennycuff, Co-Sports Editor

One of two softball players on staff, and one of two Baileys on staff, Bailey comes to The Collegian with more than just an impressive softball resume. A state champion softball player at Augusta, Bailey was also heavily involved in journalism. Filled with boundless energy, Bailey is a psychology major, and will share the sports duties with Adam Kolb.

Adam Kolb, Co-Sports Editor

Adam is a freshman at HutchCC, and is a major in journalism. He is a co- sports editor for the Collegian. He graduated from Nickerson High School. He enjoys watching sports, reading and hanging out with friends. His favorite basketball team is the Toronto Raptors, and his favorite soccer teams are Sporting Kansas City and Liverpool.

Bailey Young, Online Content Editor

Bailey is 18-years old and a freshman at Hutchinson Community College. She commutes three days a week from Sedgwick and works at Dollar General. She is the online editor and plans to transfer to KU for her bachelor’s degree after completing her associate’s at HutchCC. She enjoys watching Netflix and sleeping during my free time.

Shea Hubbs, Social Media Coordinator

Think of Emily Fehrman, but in a different form. That’s Shea. Wisecracking whose retorts are quicker than Usain Bolt’s legs, Shea will take over the social media duties, in charge of Twitter, SnapChat and Instagram. Our resident banking expert and journalism major, visit Shea at Heartland Credit Union for all your banking needs and advice.

Cody Schroeder, Digital Content Coordinator

The Collegian’s video dude, Cody is in his third semester with the Collegian. A media production major, Cody is in charge doing video that may not necessarily be with a newspaper story. Ask Cody about his hillbilly look. He’s very proud of it.

Kenneth Ryan, Staff Writer/ Photographer

Kenneth Ryan is a Kansas born photographer, and Oakland Raiders fan. Kenneth recently became a staff writer and photographer for the Hutchinson Collegian. Kenneth is a sophomore majoring in journalism, KJ has a strong desire to take his photography very seriously and make a name for himself. Follow KJ on Twitter, @kennnethryan, and Instagram, @kennnethryan.

Laci Sutton, Staff Writer

Another Nickerson graduate, Laci is in her second year here at HCC, and her first semester with the Collegian. Here on campus, in addition to the Collegian, Laci is also involved in the honors program. In her free time she enjoys watching any Disney movie in existence and spoiling her one and only niece. She is a nursing major.

Rachel Lyons, columnist/Staff writer

As a student journalist by chance, Rachel is a sophomore business major who is either from Goessel or Newton, but no one is for sure. Besides writing for The Collegian, Rachel is the outgoing president of the Business Club, is a member of KNEA-AE (Future Teacher’s Club) and Business Professionals of America (BPA), a Youth Entrepreneurs (YE) Alumna, and tutors at Rimmer Learning Resource Center. When Rachel isn’t working on homework or doing something on campus she can be found stopping to take an occasional photo that might end up on Twitter, or riding her bike on the Newton Bike Path.

Emily Branson, staff writer

Emily Branson is a Halstead High School graduate in her first semester as a Collegian staff writer. She has a love for photography and will be pursuing a journalism major. Emily commutes from Halstead and is involved in the Honors Program here at HutchCC. Follow her photography on Instagram @photosbyemilymay for all of your photography needs.

Samarah (Sam) Bailey, staff writer

Born in Kansas and moving to Missouri is never a good idea for anyone but Sam survived the Border War rivalry for over a decade. Deciding to finally take the side of Kansas, she came to HutchCC to major in Journalism and play softball. She is now pretending to be a journalism expert on The Hutchinson Collegian. 

Not a fan of haiku, Sam does love playing softball as has for as long as she can remember. She also excels at faking it until she makes it.

Jake Brown, staff writer

Jake is a sophomore at Hutchinson CC and plays baseball for the Blue Dragons. He is a general studies major because he simply doesn’t know what direction he wants to head in. He attended Buhler High School and is very excited to contribute to the Collegian and makes things “interesting.”

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