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Over before it started: How I spent my spring break

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

The wonderful week of spring break has come to an end, and, to be honest with you, I miss it.

I am sure you’re expecting some type of story about going on vacation, but you will not get that from me, because I stayed in Kingman and worked. It wasn’t eventful at all, but it was nice being able to sleep in and get a few more extra hours at work.

I wish I took more advantage of the week to spend time with my friends, but break didn’t really mean break when you have a ton of homework to do (I may or may not have pushed it off to the last moment).

I was going to catch up on my reading, but I refused to miss out on binge watching “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, which then led me to think of Brenna Eller in the hopes she was able to avoid any potential issues on her spring break.

My nights were spent staying up way too late, causing me to be super tired the next day. Thankfully, I work in the evenings, so it didn’t affect my work performance.

I also took advantage of the break to rearrange my room for maybe the 10th time. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy change from time to time. Plus, I have a much better set up.

But enough about my room. I also got a new phone.  No more cracked, green glitch, slow working piece of garbage.

The break went by way too fast. We only have about five or six weeks left, and then it will be the end of another semester, which means spending summer nights with the people we care about most.

Emma Cox is Kingman freshman in journalism