Students enjoy treats in PSU

By Troy Daugherty If any students happened to wander into the Student Union on Friday, Oct. 30, they may have noticed a caramel apple sundae bar. They may have also noticed that it was just sitting out for anyone to take as much as they wanted. Which means that if anyone did not go, they […]


Cookies cause pause in Parker Student Union

By Lauren Rust Students, teachers, and staff tasted vanilla and pumpkin spice Oreos that are as addictive as cocaine on Oct. 21 in the Parker Student Union. According to Joseph Schroeder, assistant professor at Connecticut College, in an ABC News article, cookie ingredients can be compared to cocaine. “We found that the high-fat or high-sugar […]


Window broken at union

By James Teter A large window at Parker Student Union was broken on March 8 after a few students were rough-housing in front of the cafeteria near a Hutchinson News newspaper rack. One of the students fell against the newsstand, knocking it backwards into the window. The heavy window shattered from top to bottom. Rattled […]


SGA hosts Blood drive

By DaKota Hilburn Students gathered in the basement of the Student Union to help save lives by donating blood on Feb. 2. The American Red Cross and the Student Government Association hosted this blood drive from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.. Caleb Dietz, Hutchinson, was one of many students who donated. “I donate whenever I […]