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Law enforcement impersonators at large

Friday, November 9th, 2018

By Kat Collins
Staff writer

On Monday, the Hutchinson Police Department sent a press release about some people pretending to be security and police in parks around the city.

The Hutch PD said that the suspects have approached parked vehicles in city parks, identifying themselves as the security or police and asking one of the people to exit the car. Then, once the person is outside the vehicle, the victims have reported being sexually assaulted.
The City of Hutchinson does not employ any sort of Park Security. The only law enforcement that patrols the parks around the city, are commissioned law enforcement that include the HPD, Reno County Sheriff’s Office, and Kansas Highway Patrol.

If you are contacted by someone in a city park claiming to be a police officer or park security, you should lock your doors and on roll up your windows on your car. The officer should show you their official badge, name and badge number.

If you have doubt during the contact, inform the officer that you are calling 911 to verify their Identity. If the officer tries to stop you from calling 911, remain on the line with 911 and drive to the Law Enforcement Center at 210 W 1st, Hutchinson.

If the said officer you are questioning leaves the scene, call 911 and report the incident Immediately.

Hey Blue Dragon fans and Hutchinson residents – get your ass to Gowans Stadium on Saturday

Friday, November 2nd, 2018

Hey Hutchinson residents and Blue Dragon fans – the game against Hutchinson Community College’s rival Garden City Community College will be on Saturday at noon, so be there or be square.

HutchCC is ranked No.4, and our team is full of amazing talent that barely gets seen. It’s just so sad to think that these guys work so hard to get to where they are and people don’t show up to watch them. If you played sports in high school or are currently playing a different sport, wouldn’t you want people cheering on your team and yelling words of encouragement? Looking into such a small crowd is discouraging for the team, and it probably makes them feel underappreciated.

School spirit has really diminished over the years. Is it due to not having loyalty to your school or because you still only root for your hometown high school team? I can assure you that you don’t have to only cheer for one team. Everyone has their favorite professional or NFL team they like, so why can’t you have a favorite junior college team?

Even if it’s cold out, that shouldn’t necessarily keep anyone from attending a game. You can bundle up, bring hot chocolate or coffee, and dress for the weather. Most football games tend to be chilly. That’s just how it is in the fall.

I know there are some valid reasons for not attending the game, if you work or have a family event/emergency, but if you are doing absolutely nothing on a Saturday and especially are in Hutchinson, you may as well make an experience out of the day and go to the game.

Not only does watching the game at Gowans Stadium give you a chance to socialize with family or friends, but also gives you a chance to get into the HutchCC and local spirit, and show some pride in the school. No one wants to go to a college football game that isn’t hyped up. Having a fun audience makes the whole game exciting.

What happened to student sections? What is a football game, or any game, for that matter without the heckling of the other team? It just isn’t fun at all. The best games are ones that crowds interact in the most.

Another fantastic reason to come to the game on Saturday is because any student or instructor at the college gets in free with their I.D. That should make everyone want to go. That way, you have some money for stadium food or a hot drink.

A big crowd makes coaches and players happy and fired up, so help them out and cheer them on. There should never be home games with a half-empty stadium. so fill in those seats, deck yourself out in blue and red, and show support for your school and the Blue Dragons.

Brenna Eller is a Little River sophomore studying journalism. She is the Collegian Editor in Chief.

Blue Dragon volleyball opens season in New Mexico

Friday, August 25th, 2017

Page Hiebert is one of the top returning players for Hutchinson Community College. Photo courtesy Hutchinson Community College Sports Information.

By Cassidy Crites
The Hutchinson Collegian

The Hutchinson Community College volleyball team is gearing up for the 2017 season.

After posting a 25-12 record and sharing the Jayhawk West title in 2016, the Blue Dragons were picked atop of the KJCCC’s Jayhawk West preseason coaches poll for this season. The Blue Dragons have won the conference five straight times, including the share last year.

Returning five players and adding two transfers, the team is positive on the outlook of the season.

“I’m super excited because we have a lot of potential this year,” sophomore Page Hiebert said. “Our schedule is going to be really competitive so we’ll have a bunch of fun games this season.”

Sophomore returnees include outside hitter Hiebert, middle hitter Patricia Joseph, right side hitter Nina Pevic, setter Katie Jorn and defensive specialist Kelsey Mulligan.

Outside hitter McKenna Sullivan and middle hitter Tatyanna Ndekwe joined the team during the spring.

Hiebert was named first-team All-Jayhawk West/Region 6 and was the conference Freshman of the Year last season.

With an abundance of talent back, Hutchinson coach Patrick Hall expects everyone to play a role.

“Though it’s common for sports writers to always want to single out players, I’m not fond of the practice in a team sport,” Hall said “So I’ll just say that we expect significant contributions from all of our sophomores, including our transfers.”

The Blue Dragons also welcomed to the team six freshman recruits, creating an even balance on the court.

“Likewise, since we have one of the most balanced teams we’ve had in years, I expect all six freshmen to play important roles for us this season.  Our 13 players will allow us to explore a number of different options on any given night,” Hall said.

The Blue Dragons travel to Roswell, New Mexico to play in the New Mexico Military Institute Classic, Friday and Saturday. They open conference play at home August 30 against Garden City.

Scenes from Friday’s vigil in downtown Hutchinson

Monday, August 21st, 2017

Photos by Merissa Anderson.

New bowling alley to open in Hutchinson soon

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

By James Teeter

James Teeter/Collegian - The new bowling alley on 23rd street in expected to be completed sometime during the month of May

James Teeter/Collegian - The new bowling alley on 23rd street in expected to be completed sometime during the month of May

With the new bowling alley near completion, many residents of Hutchinson are wondering when it will be done and what all will be inside of “The Alley.”

There has been a lot of talk of what might be in the new complex and when it will open.

“We think that The Alley will be done by some time in May,” said a Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce spokesman, on April 22.

The facility will have 20 lanes for leagues and eight additional lanes for individuals and couples.

Hutchinson Community College is planning to bring back bowling classes in the fall, for students to take.