Student hit in Plum Street crosswalk

On Aug. 23 at the intersection of 13th and Plum Street, Ashley Griffith, HCC student, was hit by a car. Hutchinson Police report that Griffith was sitting on the curb when the EMS arrived. She then was taken to the Hutchinson Regional Medical Center for treatment. The accident happened on Plum Street, which separates the […]


‘Vendetta’ has sinister storyline

By Amaelle Caron “V for Vendetta” is a movie inspired by the graphic novel by the same name. The story takes place in the United Kingdom in a post-apocalyptic world, where war and dictatorship rule everything. The main character, V (Hugo Weaving) is a revolutionary who wants to free the English people from their corrupt […]


Drugs seen by the school counselors

By Loribeth Reynolds College can be full of tough decisions, like whether to wear pajamas to class, choosing homework over Netflix, or sleeping instead of partying. The time spent in college is easily some of the best times of a person’s life. However, some students have a different experience. Many students have a hard time […]


HCC students went for the gold

By Angela Lingg Hutchinson Community College hosted a Skills USA competition on April 19. Hutchinson High School collaborated with HCC to host the competition. The competitions were held on HCC’s campus, at Hutchinson High School, at the State Fairgrounds and Atrium Convention Center. According to Janet Hamilton, Department 2 Co-chair, HCC will be hosting the […]


Drugs found in student dorm room

By Ethan Ball On April 19, a security employee of Hutchinson Community College reported finding drugs in a residence hall, according to Hutchinson Police Department records. The resulting scene took place under the eyes of students and staff members. However, the identification of the student involved cannot be revealed at the moment; the case is […]


Bernie Sanders wins at promoting his ideas

By Troy Daugherty At this point Bernie Sanders is most likely not going to be the Democratic nominee. After this Tuesday’s primaries, in which Clinton won four out of the five states, he is behind over 300 pledged delegates. That number rises to over 800 when super-delegates, which are stupid, are calculated in as well. […]


Thirteen ways to avoid pesky click-bait media

By Casey Jones Almost every college student has a social network account, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. However, many users have probably noticed that over the course of the past year or so that many posts have turned from a standard status, tweet, or text post to a seemingly never-ending stream of links to […]


Kroll plan at HCC does not monitor tax fraud

By Shelby Horton Since the data breach on March 24, Hutchinson Community College employees have been concerned about being targeted by the attackers. One of the first attacks happened to sociology instructor Kimberly Newberry and her husband when criminals attempted to file fraudulent taxes in their name. Then another HCC staff member was hit as […]


Golf wins the Jayhawk West title

By Taryn Gillespie The HCC golf team is going into Regionals next week with a conference championship. They are in first place in the Jayhawk West conference and are working towards qualifying for the national conference in Melbourne, Florida, May 17-20. “If we play well enough in this next tournament we will qualify for nationals […]