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Law enforcement impersonators at large

Friday, November 9th, 2018

By Kat Collins
Staff writer

On Monday, the Hutchinson Police Department sent a press release about some people pretending to be security and police in parks around the city.

The Hutch PD said that the suspects have approached parked vehicles in city parks, identifying themselves as the security or police and asking one of the people to exit the car. Then, once the person is outside the vehicle, the victims have reported being sexually assaulted.
The City of Hutchinson does not employ any sort of Park Security. The only law enforcement that patrols the parks around the city, are commissioned law enforcement that include the HPD, Reno County Sheriff’s Office, and Kansas Highway Patrol.

If you are contacted by someone in a city park claiming to be a police officer or park security, you should lock your doors and on roll up your windows on your car. The officer should show you their official badge, name and badge number.

If you have doubt during the contact, inform the officer that you are calling 911 to verify their Identity. If the officer tries to stop you from calling 911, remain on the line with 911 and drive to the Law Enforcement Center at 210 W 1st, Hutchinson.

If the said officer you are questioning leaves the scene, call 911 and report the incident Immediately.

Students can help to reduce campus crimes

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

By Angela Lingg

Early in August, an instructor at HCC walked out to his car in the parking lot on 11th St. across from the Cosmosphere. He found his driver-side window smashed out. The next day, a different teacher walked out to his car in the parking lot on Plum St. and found his driver-side window smashed as well.

“Two windows, two instructors, two days in a row, it was an odd coincidence,” said Steve Dunmire, lead security officer at HCC. Nothing was taken from the vehicles.