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Handling time management and stress

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

Time management – something that most college students don’t have but many have to learn. Now, normally I’m pretty good with time management, but this semester has brought me new challenges.

If you don’t already know, I commute from Wichita to Hutchinson Community College, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That is a 45-minute drive to Hutch and a 45-minute drive back to Wichita, three days a week. However, that’s not it. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I have classes from 9:10 a.m. to 1:40 p.m. I am also an athletic trainer for the college those days. I am typically in the training room, helping athletes before and after practices. I get to leave after all the practices are done for the day, which can be anywhere from 4:30 to 6:30. Putting me home between 5:15 (if I’m lucky) to 7:30.

Athletic training has brought its own challenges, and I’m sure it will keep bringing them. It has also blessed me with numerous new friends. Not only have a meet a lot more people, I have learned a lot and will keep learning.

This week, I get to go on another new adventure – spring football. Once I get out from classes I will head straight over to Gowans Stadium to help with athletes before practice, then go watch practice and head back to help athletes after practice.

Although I do get Tuesdays and Thursdays off from school, they are not a day off for me. My time is usually spent catching up on the endless amount of homework, and studying from the full school load I have. Not only do I catch up on homework, but I often work on these days too. I can work any were from 10 hours to 20-plus hours a week. Besides work, and homework I barely have time to stay up on laundry and working out.

Between the commute, school, athletic training, work, working out and other obligations I have, I to say I have stepped up my time management game.

Amanda Carney

The unfortunate events of Brenna- my show and tell experience

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

On March 2, after my algebra class, I packed up my car with laundry, and my backpack and headed home for Little River. I had a thought to go to Sandstone Heights Nursing Home to see my mother, who is the office manager. As I was dropping off my stuff at my house, I saw a miniature doll that looked remarkably like my doll just upstairs.

When I was about 3-years old, my dad surprised me with the doll because he thought it looked like me. He got my little sister Kylie one too, but hers didn’t resemble her as much as mine resembled me.

I found my old doll in my room and compared the two. The smaller one had the same colorful striped tank top and faded blue skirt. The only thing missing was the matching faded blue jacket.

Over lunch, I asked my mom about it and she was just as excited as I was. She had found the small doll at a thrift store in McPherson by chance. It was in a basket and she just had to get it because it looked exactly like mine.

This reminded me of the time I presented my doll, which I called the Brenna Doll, to my kindergarten class at show-and-tell. Each week, a student was picked by the teachers to do show and tell. When it was my turn, I knew exactly what I would bring.

My baby stuffed elephant with a little diaper on it that read the year 2000, and the Brenna doll. The only issue, I couldn’t find the skirt to my doll. So I figured I could hide that and everything would be fine. Boy was I wrong.

As you can imagine, my classmates laughed at me as I tried to explain myself, but only made it worse when I showed the elephant with the diaper. At the time I felt like my whole class was making fun of my prized possessions.

When the humiliation was over, I ran to the bus that my mom drove and bawled. I told her what happened and as soon as my friends came onto the bus, I gave them the silent treatment. Some were saying that they didn’t laugh, but I told them they did and I saw them.

I will admit that I shouldn’t have brought the doll with no skirt and elephant with a diaper, but the point was to show and tell about your favorite objects that help describe yourself. I thought my reasoning of bringing the two items was pretty justified. The Brenna doll being similar to my physical features and the elephant representing my love for elephants.

Thinking about it still makes me upset, but I understand why my class laughed. I would probably have laughed too if it were someone else’s toys.

On the bright side, the next time I did show-and-tell was in second grade, and I made sure NOT to bring anything that would embarrass me. Another good thing is that the skirt has been found since the show and tell of 2005.

Brenna eller

The unfortunate events of Brenna- My runaway experience

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Since the main topic this week is focused on movies and the Oscars, I thought about an unfortunate event that I have been waiting to share.

To start off this bad boy, I need to first explain that one of my all time favorite movies ever is “Toy Story”. I was so obsessed with the movie when I was little that I became the girl version of Andy and had all of the action figures myself.

On my birthdays I would get random “Toy Story” characters. I can’t even begin to tell you how many Woody, Buzz and Jessie toys I had. Of course, they were my favorite. I will say that I changed it up a bit and had Woody with Jessie, because I thought that always made more sense than Bo Peep.

Anyway, when I was little, I threw tantrums like any other 4-year-old girl. Most of the time, it was me being angry at one or all of my sisters. Usually I would just give them the silent treatment, run to the treehouse, and lock them out by putting a makeshift door on the floor of the top loft area. After a few minutes, I would get bored and forgive them so they would play with me.

This one time, my mom and dad were both at work, so my little sister, Kylie, and I were being babysat by my two older sisters, Leisha and Danielle. I don’t exactly remember why I got in trouble, but I do remember being put in timeout. I was so mad that I decided enough was enough. I was going to leave and go where I couldn’t get in trouble.

I was running away.

So I ran upstairs to my bedroom, got my “Toy Story” suitcase that was already filled with “Toy Story” toys, and stuffed socks and underwear inside. I was only thinking of the necessities of course. I was going to take Kylie with me, who was only about 2 at the time, but Danielle took her and told me no.

My sisters didn’t believe I would actually run away, so they just let me go. At the time, we lived on a fairly busy country road outside of Little River, and we were all told never to set foot on that road. So when I stomped up to the end of our horseshoe driveway, I knew full well I would be breaking a huge rule set for my safety. Right when I was about to take that dangerous step, my mom comes pulling into our driveway. Talk about good timing!

She looked at me with a horrified expression that I will never forget. I remember her yelling at me to get back to the house, so I did. I never thought twice about doing it again.

On the bright side, I definitely didn’t try running away again. I also stopped overreacting so badly to my sisters when they babysat me and accepted my timeouts because most of the time I probably deserved them.

Brenna Eller