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A familiar Blue Dragon is back: Matt Jones, former baseball player, is now playing football

Friday, September 7th, 2018

By Rebecca Carney
Co-Sports Editor

The last time Matt Jones, a sophomore from Omaha, Nebraska, played football was in 2011 as a high school quarterback.

Now, for the first time in seven years, Jones is back on the football field. Not only is Jones back on the football field, but he is also back at Hutchinson Community College. In 2014, Jones attended HutchCC for the spring semester and played for the baseball team under current coach, Ryan Schmidt. During the 2014 season, Jones, who played as an outfielder, helped lead the Blue Dragons to a 43-17 season, which at the time was the best season the Blue Dragon baseball team had.

That summer, Jones was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 25th round. Jones chased his dream, playing in the minor leagues for four years, before deciding it was time to move on to something else.

Jones’ story for coming back to HutchCC to play football is not your typical story. Jones would occasionally come back to HutchCC to visit and help Schmidt with baseball, leading to the question whether Jones had any college eligibility left. In the summer of 2018, he was asked that question. Jones, of course, did have eligibility, and was asked by athletic director, Josh Gooch, what he thought about playing football.

For Jones, this was a no brainer.

He knew he wanted to come back and play football. And just like that, the plan for Jones to comeback and play football was in the works. Less than an hour later, HutchCC football coach Rion Rhoades was on the phone with Jones telling him that minicamp started the next week.

Now, two months after coming back to HutchCC, Jones is a member of the offensive line and is the starting punter for the Blue Dragons.

With Jones standing at 6-feet, 6-inches and weighing 284 pounds, he is larger than the average punter. Also, at age 24, Jones is a bit older than most players on the football team. As Jones says, “I’m old. Everybody calls me dad and that’s OK.”

With Jones being older than most of the other players, many teammates look up to him. Jones wants to be that guy that others can come to for advice and learn from him. For some, this may a challenge, but Jones handles the job well knowing that he is the “dad” of the team.

Jones being admired doesn’t just stop with his teammates, as Jones is someone whom the coaches respect as well.

“Matt is a great addition,” Rhoades said. “I’m sure that I only know the tip of the iceberg of how he has helped some of our younger players grow and learn and mature through the process.”

While Jones is headed down a very successful path here at HutchCC, he hopes his journey of playing football is not finished just yet saying, “Ideally, I would like to attend a powerhouse NAIA school or a (NCAA) Division II school after I’m done here.”

He’s always in the action: Jackson uses HutchCC to needed opportunity

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

By Lucas Barlow
Sports Editor

Community colleges around the country can be considered an important stepping stone to many athletes.

Whether it’s the low tuition costs, the chance to develop yourself academically, or the ability to improve yourself physically, schools like Hutchinson Community College can help these athletes kickstart their collegiate sports career.

After receiving zero NCAA Division 1 offers, defensive back Storey Jackson chose HutchCC to begin his football journey. The Olathe North product led his team to a 10-2 record and a Kansas 6A semifinal appearance in 2015.

Upon arriving at Hutchinson for his freshman year in 2016, Jackson knew he would get a opportunity to earn a starting position the next season, so he decided to find his role on the special teams.

“My first year was so exciting,” Jackson said. “I knew my chance to get a starting role would come next year, so I balled out on special teams.”

He was added to the kickoff, punt and punt return teams. As a freshman, Jackson had to work hard everyday and impress the coaches, all to make a name for himself.

As he began his sophomore season, Jackson accomplished what he set out to do – earn a starting spot.

“I did such a good job as a freshman on the special team units,” Jackson said, “eventually it got me a starting spot on the defense.”

Jackson has turned into a key player for the Blue Dragon defense as he currently leads the team in tackles (61) and assists (36) through nine games for the 6-3 Blue Dragons.

“My sophomore season has being going great so far,” Jackson said. “I’m blessed to be able to impact the team with my skills.”

Jackson also stated he has an offer from Bethune-Cookman University. More offers could also be on the way for the talented defensive back.

Jackson’s time as a Blue Dragon is coming to an end with only two regular season games left and possibly the Salt City Bowl. However, he does want to give a little advice to any newcomers next year.

“Be sure you make or keep a relationship with God,” Jackson said. “Junior college isn’t easy and it’s not for everybody, but with consistent hard work, you can make it successful.”