Retro is making a comeback?

While walking through the HutchCC campus, one can easily spot scrunchies, overalls, bell-bottom jeans, round-lensed glasses, Game Boys, glass pop bottles, and even 90s hairstyles such as the love-it-or-hate-it mullet. With all of these retro habits making a comeback, the question is, what makes these styles or objects so much more appealing than things such as cassette tapes, black-and-white films, or the daily newspaper?

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Sonic races onto the big screen

“I see ‘Sonic’ as a perfect example of video games in the 90s. They’re wild, full of bright colors and cartoonish enemies, and never take themselves too seriously. Once I heard they were making a live-action ‘Sonic’ movie, that’s what I hoped they would do with whatever story they got from the original game. For the most part, my wishes were fulfilled.” – By Caleb Spencer

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