Meet the staff

The Collegian is the student newspaper of Hutchinson Community College. We publish approximately 23 newspapers, on Fridays, during the school year.

Meet our staff:

Merissa Anderson, Collegian Editor

Merissa is the only two-year member of this year’s Collegian staff. Not only does she serve as editor, but she also takes photos, designs the front page weekly and writes at least one story. Merissa was also name the Kansas Collegiate Media two-year college journalist of the year in early April. She will be headed to Kansas State in the fall.

Brenna Eller, Opinion Page Editor

Brenna Eller hails from Little River and is well known for her column series, “The Unfortunate Events of Brenna”. In this series, Brenna describes all the bizarro stuff that has happened in her life, ranging from leaving her luggage unattended a Washington bus terminal to falling down the stairs in Puerto Rico. Brenna also designs the opinion page and writes at least one other story weekly. She is also going to be the Collegian’s Managing Editor next school year.

Pablo Sanchez, Online Editor

A big fan of Pop Tarts, Pablo is in his first semester on the Collegian staff. A Hutchinson native, Pablo recently earned his title as Online Editor thanks to his incredible desire to work. He writes general assignment stories and takes charge of the Campus Beat every week.

Amanda Carney, staff writer

Nobody probably has more on her plate than Amanda, a graduate of Bishop Carroll in Wichita. Now in her second semester on staff, Amanda commutes to HutchCC three days a week with her twin sister Rebecca, who will join the staff in the fall. Amanda also is doing athletic training this spring, and she has spent most of her time with the football team.

Jack Greenwood, entertainment columnist

A Valley Center native, nobody knows more about the current world of pop music and pop culture than Jack. A theatre major, Jack is a regular in the campus productions as an actor and director. He will be headed to Emporia State next year.

Lucas “Yung Gravy” Barlow, Sports Editor

His resemblance to the rapper aside, Lucas Barlow is a known figure on campus thanks to his exceptional sports features. His weekly features have been among the most read pieces in The Collegian this year. Lucas is an Inman native who enjoys soccer and running.

Emma Cox, columnist

She took on the role as Collegian investigative writer in the fall, and the Kingman native still contributes as a columnist who just asks for simple common sense, especially from other drivers. A journalism major, Emma will be back on staff full time in the fall.

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