Meet the staff

The Hutchinson Collegian is the student newspaper of Hutchinson Community College. We publish approximately 20 newspapers, distributed on Fridays, during the school year.

Meet our spring 2019 staff:

Brenna Eller, Editor In Chief


Brenna Eller hails from Little River and was well known last year for her column series, “The Unfortunate Events of Brenna”. In this series, Brenna described all the bizarro stuff that has happened in her life, ranging from leaving her luggage unattended a Washington subway terminal to falling down the stairs in Puerto Rico before her sister’s wedding, resulting in a gigantic and visible bruise. Brenna, a sophomore studying journalism, was the Opinion Page Editor last school year.

Pablo Sanchez, Campus Editor

A big fan of Pop Tarts, but not “Fortnite”, Pablo is in his third semester on the Collegian staff. A Hutchinson native, Pablo became Online Editor late in the spring 2018 semester thanks to his incredible desire to learn and work. Pablo is a sophomore studying psychology.

Amanda Carney, Co-Sports Editor

Nobody probably has more on her plate than Amanda, a graduate of Bishop Carroll in Wichita. Now in her fourth semester on staff, Amanda also is doing athletic training this spring, and she has spent most of her time with the football team.

Rebecca Carney, Co-Sports Editor

Rebecca, the youngest of the Carney twins, is in her second semester as the co-sports editor at the Collegian. She is an athletic trainer as well and enjoys working with the baseball team because of the legendary coach Ryan Schmidt, who is the Schmidt. Rebecca is a Wichita native and attended Bishop Carroll.

Emily Fehrman, Social Media Editor

The Collegian’s wisecracking, smack-talking jokester is the funniest person she knows. She’s also the most amazing person she knows. She’s pretty darn cool. Emily is a Pretty Prairie native who is a journalism major. Make sure you follow Collegian on Twitter and SnapChat! Follow her on Instagram: @e_fehrman

Tabitha Barr, Opinion Page Editor

Don’t buy into the sweet, innocent look. Tabby is coming out of her shell, and it’s been … quite impressive. She’s a feminist, but that just means she wants women treated equally and with respect. She writes the weekly column “The Women’s Corner” and she would love to do a podcast debating her views. A Nickerson native, Tabby is studying Mass Communications and Media Production. She is also slated to be The Collegian’s Editor in Chief for 2019-2020.

Jared Shuff, Staff Writer

The Collegian’s resident singer, a “KAKE Idol” finalist and “American Idol” auditioner, Jared is in his second semester with The Collegian. A Hutchinson native and Buhler graduate studying journalism, Jared is looking at writing about weird classes this semester. 

Kat Collins, Staff Writer

Kat is in her second semester as a Collegian writer, but although she’s on the newspaper staff, she’s a singer at heart. She even auditioned for “American Idol” during the fall. A Hutchinson native, Kat is in general studies.  Follow on Instagram, @1st_kat, and on Twitter, @Kat_Collins_99. 

Rachel Lyons, Columnist

Is she from Newton? Goessel? Both? Regardless, Rachel is in her second semester as a Collegian columnist and features writer. She’s not afraid to help out in any capacity. A Business Administration major, Rachel is also involved with the college’s business club.

Shea Hubbs, Staff Writer

A newbie to the staff, Shea is known for her impressive quick retorts and wisecracks. Shea, a Nickerson native studying Media Communication and Production, will be doing some more investigative and general assignments.

Cody Schroeder, Digital Content Coordinator

The Collegian’s film and audio dude, Cody is in his second semester with the Collegian. He is in charge of the new digital version of The Campus Beat, which will be a weekly video feature on our web site. Cody is Hutchinson native.

Kenneth Ryan, Staff Writer/ Photographer

Kenneth Ryan is a Kansas born photographer, and Oakland Raiders fan. Kenneth recently became a staff writer and photographer for the Hutchinson Collegian. Kenneth is a freshman in college has a strong desire to take his photography very seriously and make a name for himself. Follow KJ on Twitter, @kennnethryan, and Instagram, @kennnethryan.

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