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‘Tis the season to be … hateful?

Friday, December 1st, 2017

As sang by MAGIC!: Why you gotta be so rude?

There has been too much arguing going on and not enough happiness and cheer being spread around this season.

Thanksgiving seems to have gone by so fast and yet did anyone really stop to think about what they are thankful for? Or did they just eat a gigantic meal and take a nap afterwards?

With all of the terrible events happening recently, the world could use some laugher and kindness.

What ever happened to being hospitable and welcoming to people?

It seems that society is too wrapped up in social media and certain standards of “normal” that they treat people like they are the better person.

There are too many hypocrites in this world and with a bit of warm Christmas spirit, you can improve someone’s day. Just a friendly smile can make someone’s day or asking how they are doing could impact their mood.

So what is with all of the judging going on? Tabloids and TV shows make gossip too hard to resist, and we try to fit into “Hollywood” expectations, which are almost impossible to accomplish.

Why must we compare ourselves with everyone around us? There is no reason to point out flaws in you or someone else just by a one-second glance.

Think about people judging you based on your appearance. You probably wouldn’t like that very much either. “Killing people with kindness” is a great rule of thumb that everyone should use.

Be happy this Christmas and help others be happy too, and don’t judge people just because you think you know what’s going on in their lives. Take the time to get to know someone before you write them off.

Come on people, it’s the time to be jolly! It isn’t the time for a bunch of Scrooges to be ruining the cheery time of year for others.

Editorial: Student section spirit in the slumps

Friday, October 27th, 2017

HutchCC, as amazing as this school and its athletics are, has a student spirit problem.

It’s been mentioned around campus and pointed out by various visitors that drop by games expect more hype from the student section.

When asking various students for their input for the campus beat, several students, not included in this week’s edition, had absolutely no clue that HutchCC even had a homecoming.

At games, the pep band does a great job with cheering, screaming and supporting the team, but the student section lacks that same school spirit.

Maybe if the pep band was moved closer to the students and was no longer outcasted to the very outskirts of the bleachers. That way, peppiness would spread to the rest of the students in attendance.

A large portion of HutchCC’s students aren’t even on campus to share in the school spirit, but that doesn’t leave those who do show up to games with an excuse to not make the bleachers shake beneath their feet with chants and cheers.
What happened to the pep sections seen at high school games? Did that spirit die when everyone left and came to college? Are students scared to show rowdiness amongst their peers now?

On a flip side of the coin, the cheerleaders and Dragon Dolls have amazing school spirit. Those gals and guys spend game after game cheering to the crowd and team all while facing the cold that is inevitable with games continuing later into the year.

Hopefully students start getting more pride for HutchCC during basketball season, because the volleyball players have been a bit disappointed in the turnout of their recent home games. When they hear cheering of the crowd it motivates them, so it’s important to show team spirit.

Editorial: Age shouldn’t be a problem for trick-or-treaters

Friday, October 20th, 2017

A popular issue that has never been solved is the controversy surrounding the proper trick-or-treating age.

It is common that adults turn away most teenagers and adults. How old is too old though? If teenagers are asking for candy rather than drinking, smoking, or doing other disapproving things, then shouldn’t adults encourage them to go trick-or-treating?

There are also some exceptions for adults and exchange students going door-to-door asking for candy.
What if the adult is mentally handicapped or a foreign exchange student that has a once in a lifetime opportunity to partake in the thrilling American tradition?

If the issue is running out of candy, then the teenager would most likely understand that the children could receive the candy instead. It is the owner’s right to give to whoever they want, so the trick-or-treater should also respect the wishes of the candy giver. There are always more houses to go to.

Halloween is supposed to be fun and exciting, so why are people judgmental about who gets involved in the holiday? It should be about the experiences, not the personal issues? It isn’t a matter of life or death.