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From courting to catcalling: the evolution of dating

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

From a guy asking parents if he can date their daughter to now simply asking a girl for her Snapchat username, right after seeing her for half a second, there’s no doubt that the techniques for relationships have changed.

And it isn’t just boys. Girls do it, too.

Hutchinson Community College isn’t the only college campus where catcalling and wolf-whistling happens. There is, though, a concern with not knowing someone long enough to just go ahead and ask them for their number, or follow them on social media by chance and direct messaging.

Where does the line get drawn for guys or girls to ask for information without knowing the person beforehand?

Technology has seemed to take over for face-to-face communication. Is it because of enhanced technology, or is it just because now it’s just as easy as a quick text, social-media invite, or Snapchat request?

Sophomore Kelli Petri, from Meade, has some experience with getting hit-on by HutchCC athletes as a student trainer.
“I do get hit on often, but I am a very social person, so I will not be rude unless they give me a reason,” Petri said.

With Snapchat being a favorite source of contact for college students, Petri shared that she gets asked for her Snapchat and gets asked to share guys’ Snaps with other girls.

“I always refuse to give other people Snaps because it’s rude,” Petri said.

She admitted that although guys flirt, she also occasionally flirts, but her kindness can be mistaken as flirting to some guys.

“Friends who know me well know the difference between the two,” Petri said.

A male HutchCC sophomore, Derek Vanous, of Belleville, shared his views on Snapchat and how it has become so important in the students’ lives and to some is recognized as the newest pick-up line.

“Sure, it is true that Snapchat is a pick-up line, but it can be used for other reasons besides picking someone up”, Vanous said.

He described Snapchat as the new phone number, meaning that asking for a girl or guy’s Snap is equivalent to that of asking for a phone number. Vanous also said that he asks for girls’ Snaps, but pointed out that he too gets asked for his Snapchat username.

Talking face-to-face with one another in today’s world is not normally how people first contact each other. Instead, it’s mostly through social media.

“I would rather get to know someone face-to-face, but it’s just expected today that you use both options,” Vanous said.

With that in mind, college students expect that others feel the same way, making it harder for the interaction than the past generations had. Technology is advancing more and more with new means of communication. There are several apps that allow interaction without being in the same room, Snapchat seemingly being the well-known outlet on campus.

Brenna Eller

Entertainment Pulse: Musicals that should be turned into movies

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

Musicals into movies

For many years we have seen Broadway musicals turned into Hollywood films. Some of the most famous include, Chicago, The King and I and West Side Story. Recently, a trend of turning movies into Broadway musicals has emerged. And yet, there are still lots of musicals that deserve their moment on the silver screen. Here are a few of my personal choices:

Hamilton: Perhaps the biggest musical of the 21st century, Hamilton would have no problem selling out movie theatres across the country. Hamilton is the story of young Alexander Hamilton and his fight for our nations freedom from King George. The musical is famous for having characters from history (such as Aaron Burr and George Washington) rap about the current political climate. Many (myself included) would be itching at the chance to see this Broadway smash in a film reinvention. Perhaps it would only work if show creator, and Alexander Hamilton himself, Lin Manuel-Miranda came to reprise his role.

American Idiot: Using the music of the punk rock band, Green Day, American Idiot tells the story of three young men who decide to abandon home and engage in their “own private war.” The show features elements of drug use, military propaganda, love, and loss all with the backdrop of an early post 9/11 world. With show stopping music numbers like “21 Guns” and “Holiday” the musical is high energy and ignites the rebellious flame inside us all. Personally, I would love to see Darren Criss, Johnathan Groff and Skylar Astin play the leading roles. While you may not be able to see American Idiot on the silver screen, you can come see it at the college April 12 – 14th in Stringer Fine Arts. Tickets on sale now!

Dear Evan Hansen: The most recent winner of the Tony for Best Musical, Dear Evan Hansen paints a picture of a young man trapped in a lie after a classmate commits suicide. The musical features lyrics and score by two of Broadways youngest talent writers, the dynamic team Pasek and Paul, the same team that brought the music of La La Land and The Greatest Showman. The musical is a dark yet accurate look into the lives of several high school students and how social media can either help you in your darkest moment, or spread your deepest lie. Captained by a powerhouse performance by star Ben Platt, the movie adaptation would have my ticket money in a heartbeat.

The Book of Mormon: The hilarious show that won the 2011 Tony for best musical, The Book of Mormon showcases some fish-out-of-water missionaries that journey to Africa to spread the word of Christianity. The show was partially conceived by Matt Stone, who also co created South Park. This show still sells out touring venues even though it has been off Broadway for a few years, and would probably sell out many theatres. The dark, often blunt comedy of this show would bring laughs and joy to any audience member, Broadway fan or not.


Editorial: Student Section Slump

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

Hutchinson Community College has had some amazing athletic talent from all over the country, and even from other countries. So what is the reasoning for the decline of student support?

Is it busy schedules, work, or is everyone just being a bump on a log while there are HutchCC sport events going on? Whatever the excuse, the Blue Dragons should have a lot more student fans in their audience. Lately though, that has not been the case.

The HutchCC men’s and women’s basketball teams have been phenomenal this year, but who was there to witness?

Sure, there may be some party or hang out off campus somewhere, but isn’t it a better idea to not risk anything and still go to a game for fun?

In the fall, the excuse might’ve been that the football games were on Saturdays when students would go to their hometown, but for basketball, there isn’t really an excuse not to go when the games are spread out through the weekdays.

Even though this is a two-year college, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be proud of it. You are a student here at HutchCC, so why wouldn’t you cheer for your school team?

There’s no rule that says you can’t root for your hometown when they have a game, and the Blue Dragons too. Show that same school pride you had for your high school and support your peers.

If you still have too busy of a schedule, then that is a real issue that could possibly be fixed by managing time better and more efficiently for school work.

We aren’t asking you to quit your job or drop all of your homework. Just that it would be nice to see some students at the home games cheering on the teams.

The athletes would probably appreciate it more than you know and might be more excited and pumped up if they hear the crowd.

It’s sad when faculty and family, community members are the majority of a gymnasium. So don’t be a bump on a log. Go out and support your school, people, it’s just that simple.

Handling time management and stress

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

Time management – something that most college students don’t have but many have to learn. Now, normally I’m pretty good with time management, but this semester has brought me new challenges.

If you don’t already know, I commute from Wichita to Hutchinson Community College, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That is a 45-minute drive to Hutch and a 45-minute drive back to Wichita, three days a week. However, that’s not it. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I have classes from 9:10 a.m. to 1:40 p.m. I am also an athletic trainer for the college those days. I am typically in the training room, helping athletes before and after practices. I get to leave after all the practices are done for the day, which can be anywhere from 4:30 to 6:30. Putting me home between 5:15 (if I’m lucky) to 7:30.

Athletic training has brought its own challenges, and I’m sure it will keep bringing them. It has also blessed me with numerous new friends. Not only have a meet a lot more people, I have learned a lot and will keep learning.

This week, I get to go on another new adventure – spring football. Once I get out from classes I will head straight over to Gowans Stadium to help with athletes before practice, then go watch practice and head back to help athletes after practice.

Although I do get Tuesdays and Thursdays off from school, they are not a day off for me. My time is usually spent catching up on the endless amount of homework, and studying from the full school load I have. Not only do I catch up on homework, but I often work on these days too. I can work any were from 10 hours to 20-plus hours a week. Besides work, and homework I barely have time to stay up on laundry and working out.

Between the commute, school, athletic training, work, working out and other obligations I have, I to say I have stepped up my time management game.

Amanda Carney

The unfortunate events of Brenna- my show and tell experience

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

On March 2, after my algebra class, I packed up my car with laundry, and my backpack and headed home for Little River. I had a thought to go to Sandstone Heights Nursing Home to see my mother, who is the office manager. As I was dropping off my stuff at my house, I saw a miniature doll that looked remarkably like my doll just upstairs.

When I was about 3-years old, my dad surprised me with the doll because he thought it looked like me. He got my little sister Kylie one too, but hers didn’t resemble her as much as mine resembled me.

I found my old doll in my room and compared the two. The smaller one had the same colorful striped tank top and faded blue skirt. The only thing missing was the matching faded blue jacket.

Over lunch, I asked my mom about it and she was just as excited as I was. She had found the small doll at a thrift store in McPherson by chance. It was in a basket and she just had to get it because it looked exactly like mine.

This reminded me of the time I presented my doll, which I called the Brenna Doll, to my kindergarten class at show-and-tell. Each week, a student was picked by the teachers to do show and tell. When it was my turn, I knew exactly what I would bring.

My baby stuffed elephant with a little diaper on it that read the year 2000, and the Brenna doll. The only issue, I couldn’t find the skirt to my doll. So I figured I could hide that and everything would be fine. Boy was I wrong.

As you can imagine, my classmates laughed at me as I tried to explain myself, but only made it worse when I showed the elephant with the diaper. At the time I felt like my whole class was making fun of my prized possessions.

When the humiliation was over, I ran to the bus that my mom drove and bawled. I told her what happened and as soon as my friends came onto the bus, I gave them the silent treatment. Some were saying that they didn’t laugh, but I told them they did and I saw them.

I will admit that I shouldn’t have brought the doll with no skirt and elephant with a diaper, but the point was to show and tell about your favorite objects that help describe yourself. I thought my reasoning of bringing the two items was pretty justified. The Brenna doll being similar to my physical features and the elephant representing my love for elephants.

Thinking about it still makes me upset, but I understand why my class laughed. I would probably have laughed too if it were someone else’s toys.

On the bright side, the next time I did show-and-tell was in second grade, and I made sure NOT to bring anything that would embarrass me. Another good thing is that the skirt has been found since the show and tell of 2005.

Brenna eller

Editorial: Student activism is making a difference

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

The recent tragedies in Florida have reignited the gun control debate and, whether you love or hate the idea, (we’ll keep our opinions secret), the flood of student activism that has emerged is undeniably a great representation of what the freedom of assembly, speech and protest can do in our country.

The fact that children are able to take a stand and make their voices heard while fighting against the decades of being ignored by those with political power, is amazing. They’re using social media as their platform and keeping all news cameras on them in the wake of their peers’ deaths.

You don’t have to agree with them to recognize their power. Already, there have been nationwide walkouts with dozens of schools joining in, student marches on D.C and school shutdowns due to a lack of attendance.

Young people aren’t dumb and they have political opinions despite their inability to vote. Likely, many of these high schoolers are fed up of being told their opinions don’t matter and have instead set out to change the opinions of many. Already, there has been speeches made the president, new bills proposed by various states and companies changing their policies after the shooting and the resulting student activism.

If you don’t agree with them, don’t scold their use of their first amendment, use your own to make your voice and opinions heard. Everybody has an equal opportunity to rally in this country including the students, just do so safely and legally as they have been so far.

How I overcame my addiction

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Addiction will mentally destroy you, break you down and will do things that you don’t want to do.

There are many adults and kids who struggle with addiction. Babies can be born with Neonatal withdrawal – a syndrome of infants after birth, which can happen because the mother drinks too much alcohol. It’s sad to see the mom go so low to have their own child suffer because of their own addiction.

There are several forms of addiction, whether its gambling, drinking or smoking. When it comes down to getting help, they have structured themselves in a way that they are powerless against the addiction. Unless they get help, they have no power over themselves.

Let me tell you my tale of addiction.

It all started with one bad break up. Normally, I’m not the type of guy to do stupid stuff, and my dream is to be a psychologist. I am working on that, but let me take you back in time and tell you how I had an addiction.

My senior year at Hutchinson High School, I was in a bad relationship. We both were pretty toxic for each other, and honestly, loved one another, but that love turned into greed. With that being said, it all started because I simply wasn’t getting love returned, and she wasn’t allowed to be around me because of family issues. They didn’t think I was right for her, but she didn’t seem to care because she loved me regardless.

I feel that I wasn’t receiving love back, because she was afraid that someone may snitch on her for being around me. There would be days where she wouldn’t want to be around me, and my thoughts on the relationship changed.

I decided to check up on my ex-girlfriend, and yes, I know that’s a really bad thing to do, and I shouldn’t have done it. But I did, and I started to see how my ex was doing.

She had a bad life style, and I was like “Hey, I wonder how she’s doing today.”

Well, we started to talk, and then I found out she was using me because no other guy would love her. So not only did I cheat, I also lost the love of my life simply because I was greedy and thought I was in love.

I remember the date we broke up. It was Dec. 18, 2017 at 11:10 p.m.

Afterwards, I went to the bathroom and cried my eyes out and made a Facebook status that said, “Why am I so cruel?” A friend commented below saying, “No you’re not, Pablo.” Then I went to my next class and my left eye was more red than my right. One of my friends thought I was “high”, so I just played along with it even though I just got done crying.

Around last summer was when I started my drinking, I was getting money from my mom and friends, and I used it to have friends buy me alcohol. It went on until December.

There was a night where I said, “I’ve had enough” and just wanted to drink everything away. I tried, and I ended up laying on my friend’s bed passed out, literally dying of alcohol poisoning. They didn’t want to take me to the hospital, because they likely would have gotten in trouble and they had to force feed me crackers, help me drink water, and it took me a week to recover.

After I recovered, I decided I should stop.

Drinking took a toll over me because I spent over $400 on alcohol. I am currently sober and have been sober for three months and plan on staying like that for the rest of my life.

Pablo Sanchez

The unfortunate events of Brenna- My runaway experience

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Since the main topic this week is focused on movies and the Oscars, I thought about an unfortunate event that I have been waiting to share.

To start off this bad boy, I need to first explain that one of my all time favorite movies ever is “Toy Story”. I was so obsessed with the movie when I was little that I became the girl version of Andy and had all of the action figures myself.

On my birthdays I would get random “Toy Story” characters. I can’t even begin to tell you how many Woody, Buzz and Jessie toys I had. Of course, they were my favorite. I will say that I changed it up a bit and had Woody with Jessie, because I thought that always made more sense than Bo Peep.

Anyway, when I was little, I threw tantrums like any other 4-year-old girl. Most of the time, it was me being angry at one or all of my sisters. Usually I would just give them the silent treatment, run to the treehouse, and lock them out by putting a makeshift door on the floor of the top loft area. After a few minutes, I would get bored and forgive them so they would play with me.

This one time, my mom and dad were both at work, so my little sister, Kylie, and I were being babysat by my two older sisters, Leisha and Danielle. I don’t exactly remember why I got in trouble, but I do remember being put in timeout. I was so mad that I decided enough was enough. I was going to leave and go where I couldn’t get in trouble.

I was running away.

So I ran upstairs to my bedroom, got my “Toy Story” suitcase that was already filled with “Toy Story” toys, and stuffed socks and underwear inside. I was only thinking of the necessities of course. I was going to take Kylie with me, who was only about 2 at the time, but Danielle took her and told me no.

My sisters didn’t believe I would actually run away, so they just let me go. At the time, we lived on a fairly busy country road outside of Little River, and we were all told never to set foot on that road. So when I stomped up to the end of our horseshoe driveway, I knew full well I would be breaking a huge rule set for my safety. Right when I was about to take that dangerous step, my mom comes pulling into our driveway. Talk about good timing!

She looked at me with a horrified expression that I will never forget. I remember her yelling at me to get back to the house, so I did. I never thought twice about doing it again.

On the bright side, I definitely didn’t try running away again. I also stopped overreacting so badly to my sisters when they babysat me and accepted my timeouts because most of the time I probably deserved them.

Brenna Eller

Rules of the road for dummies: no-passing zones, yield signs, and speed limits

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Believe it or not, No Passing Zone signs aren’t just reading material for when you’re on the road.

Nothing grinds my gears more than people dumb enough to pass in a no passing zone. A couple weeks ago, my brother and I were headed home, and we had just gotten onto Highway 14. A guy in a brand-new car thought it was smart to go around us in a no-passing zone that was also a curve. Me, being the person I am, said some choice words that can’t be published.

Another sign that isn’t just reading material for the road are the yield signs. It’s not a stop sign or a sign telling you to barrel through the intersection. A yield sign means, slow your roll and then accelerate when there are no vehicles coming to cross the road. And if there is neither a yield nor a stop sign on any side of the intersection, you should automatically yield to be on the safe side, because you never know how fast someone could be flying down the road.

Last, and certainly not least, are the infamous speed limit signs. I swear, some days it seems pointless to have speed limit signs because people just make up their own speeds and end up going either way too fast or way too slow. I’m sorry, but if you are going 90 mph in a 65 then you my friend deserve to get pulled over and get that huge fine.

You are not giving yourself enough time to slow down if someone else is slowing down to turn. If there is something in the road that causes you to slam on your breaks, you will screw up your brakes and possibly rear-end the person in front of you.

If you are one of those people who drive 20 mph under on a 65 mph road when it is the most beautiful day of the year, you, my friend, are an idiot and shouldn’t be driving on any highway, or you just shouldn’t be driving at all.

I don’t mind slow drivers when the elements of nature are awful. I go slow and play it safe then too. But then again, you have those idiots who drive like a bat out of hell and cause accidents or wind up in ditches. So to that I say, read the darn road signs you idiots.

The Unfortunate Events of Brenna: My Flu Experience

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

On Feb. 14, most people were out enjoying the warm and welcoming Valentine’s Day weather. After all of my classes were over by 3:40 p.m., I had all intentions of being outside and enjoying the heat as well. That all ended once I took a 20-minute nap waiting for my dad to show up and give me a sheet of paper I forgot at home.

When I got up from the nap, I had a horrible headache and felt like I had to have been traveling through time, missing the wonderful day outside. When I met my dad and sister, we got pizza at Little Caesars. I took some home and got ready for bed. I started coughing trying to get the tickle out of my throat.

That didn’t work because when I woke up the next morning, I was burning up and it felt like the end of the world going on in my head. I texted my mom, asking what I should do. She told me to go to the doctor right away and take medicine.

I then smacked my head remembering that my car had been taken that morning to be worked on and wasn’t going to be returned until Friday morning. Not knowing what to do, I decided to head over to the Student Health Center. I was sweating really bad already and knew I had to have the flu. I just needed another opinion that was free.

Turns out I definitely had symptoms of the flu. So the nurse gave me a mask so I could tell my teachers I was sick and get what I needed done for the day.

I went back to the dorms and waited while watching comfort movies for my dad to get off work and buy my medicine. I then waited until he was really finished with work.

When he finally got there, I stripped my bed to get everything washed and started disinfecting the room. I let my roommate know that I was sick, so that she was aware of the germs in the room. She offered to drive me home, but my dad got there first.

So I spent Friday at home in Little River, during its Homecoming, being sick and miserable. My family was also a little sick, but not as bad as me I guess. I didn’t feel back to normal until Tuesday. I guess the flu is supposed to last a week.

On the bright side, I spent the weekend rewatching “The Vampire Diaries” and being fed home-cooked meals.

Brenna Eller is a Little River freshmen in Journalism.