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The Unfortunate Events of Brenna: My mouse experience

Friday, February 16th, 2018

To begin this unfortunate tail, (yes I did that on purpose), I must first admit that as a child, I was obsessed with “Dora the Explorer”. She was my idol as a kindergartner. I watched her show everyday after school, had themed birthday parties dedicated to her, and I wore the backpack while going on random adventures in our home-made forest. I even had short brown hair at one time, so technically I WAS Dora.

I had these fabulous Dora light-up Skechers that I wore all the time. One morning we were running late for the bus, my mother was the school bus driver and she had an early morning route, so we were hurrying to get ready to go.

As usual, I lost my shoes and swore that I looked high and low for them. I told my mom and she said, “If I find your shoes, you are in big trouble.” So of course I said that they were nowhere to be found, and she went upstairs to my room to find them.

Like moms do, she found my shoes within seconds and as I was standing at the bottom of the stairs she yelled, “They’re right here,” and threw them down the stairs.

When I looked up, it was too late, the shoes nailed me right in the nose. I had a horrible bloody nose and my mom felt terrible.

So where does the mouse come in you ask? Well, those same Dora Skechers were still my favorites and I started keeping them downstairs in the closet, so we couldn’t repeat the shoes-in-the-face fiasco.

We were almost late another time, and as mom and I were leaving the house, I grabbed my shoes and started shoving my feet in them. Something was inside the left shoe, keeping my foot from going in all the way. I told my mom who was already upset about being late. She took my foot and jammed it in all the way. I let out a small scream and she looked really concerned. As my foot hit the end of the shoe, it made a loud crunchy sound and a little squeal. I pulled my foot out of the shoe to find my sock covered in blood.

That’s right, I smashed a baby mouse with my bare foot. My mom was just as shocked as I was and took the mouse, chucking it into the bushes outside. After that horrifying event, I unfortunately had to throw out my Dora shoes. But at the same time, I never wanted to be reminded of that disgusting feeling of squishing a baby mouse ever again.

On the bright side, I always remember to check my shoes before I put my feet in them. It’s probably more of an instinct now since that happened so long ago. I haven’t had any other experiences with mice since then.


A new semester calls for new stress

Friday, February 9th, 2018

By Emma Cox
Collegian Columnist

A new semester is in full swing and a truck of stress has come with it.
This semester is completely different for me than my first semester at Hutchinson Community College, mostly because I was living on campus and was jobless those five months.
This semester, my brother and I decided that we should commute back and forth from Kingman to HutchCC and save more money. It turns out, fellow Collegian writer Amanda Carney certainly knew what she was talking when she wrote the article about her and her twin sister commuting from Wichita. I haven’t done all the math like she did, but I know I have saved a lot money from the dorm fees and the meal plans.
Now, I am living back in Kingman, and I got my old job back at our local grocery store.
Since I only have classes three days a week, I am able to work all the other days so I can have some form of income for gas and other necessities.
With being a full-time student and working a part-time job, I have ran into quite a bit of stress. I stress out a lot about finding time to cram all my homework in and study for any class I need to study for, and stay on track so I don’t get behind.
I usually take time when I get home from school to work on some of my classes, and because I procrastinate too much, I put off some of my school work till the next day.
I work typically 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., or 9-6, depending on the day, so when I get stressed I tell myself that I need time to relax and I will get to it later, and I usually do it later, surprisingly.
A lot of times, I don’t have time for friends, which sucks, but school is one of my top priorities, and they will soon learn that one when they get college as well.
More of my stress comes from work. I mostly work the dairy, but a lot of the times, I am needed on the register, carryout, grocery and, sometimes, but not too often, I help in the produce department. They have a lot of expectations from me, which I brought upon myself from working so hard. I shouldn’t complain about too much, but when few people pull their weight, a lot of it gets thrown on me, and I am learning to just roll with the punches and do what I need to do from the time I get there to the time that I leave.
Even with all the stress that I have endured, I still make it through each day. I will say that it is worth it, the stress I mean, because I know that I actually care about what I am doing and I have the right goals set for my future. I have come a long way from where I used to be, and I am proud of myself for each step that I have made that has led to progress.

‘Tis the season to be … hateful?

Friday, December 1st, 2017

As sang by MAGIC!: Why you gotta be so rude?

There has been too much arguing going on and not enough happiness and cheer being spread around this season.

Thanksgiving seems to have gone by so fast and yet did anyone really stop to think about what they are thankful for? Or did they just eat a gigantic meal and take a nap afterwards?

With all of the terrible events happening recently, the world could use some laugher and kindness.

What ever happened to being hospitable and welcoming to people?

It seems that society is too wrapped up in social media and certain standards of “normal” that they treat people like they are the better person.

There are too many hypocrites in this world and with a bit of warm Christmas spirit, you can improve someone’s day. Just a friendly smile can make someone’s day or asking how they are doing could impact their mood.

So what is with all of the judging going on? Tabloids and TV shows make gossip too hard to resist, and we try to fit into “Hollywood” expectations, which are almost impossible to accomplish.

Why must we compare ourselves with everyone around us? There is no reason to point out flaws in you or someone else just by a one-second glance.

Think about people judging you based on your appearance. You probably wouldn’t like that very much either. “Killing people with kindness” is a great rule of thumb that everyone should use.

Be happy this Christmas and help others be happy too, and don’t judge people just because you think you know what’s going on in their lives. Take the time to get to know someone before you write them off.

Come on people, it’s the time to be jolly! It isn’t the time for a bunch of Scrooges to be ruining the cheery time of year for others.

The unfortunate events of Brenna: My Christmas experience

Friday, December 1st, 2017

By Brenna Eller
Opinion Page Editor

Every year, my family would take a trip to see my grandparents in Atwood.

It’s a good four-hour drive from Little River. We don’t go very often anymore because our grandparents moved to Little River, but Atwood is still one of my favorite places to visit.

One Christmas, I believe I was about 7-years old, I went to a friend’s birthday party after our YMCA basketball game. I ended up staying the night there and the next morning my family was planning on going to Atwood.

My dad stayed home this time, so my mom came and picked me up with my three sisters. On the way, my younger sister and I had our usual fights about not having enough room in our family’s mini-van and about staying on our own sides of the seats.

Four agonizing hours later, we finally spotted the tell-tale plants and hills of Atwood, we all got excited.
The whole way, I had been trying not to itch my head because it had been bothering me that entire time. I told my mom, but she didn’t think there was anything to worry about.

When we got to our grandparents’ house we noticed that their lights were all off and their car was gone. My mom decided to call them and we found out that they were actually in Texas seeing some family members.
So we saw some other family in Atwood, since my family is originally from there. My mom has a lot of friends there too so we still had plenty to do even though our grandparents were gone.

So, what is the unfortunate event you ask? WelI, I was sitting at the dining room table itching my head again, what seemed like the millionth time. This time it was a horrible feeling like something was crawling around on my head. I put my fingers to my scalp and at the same place I was going to scratch, I touched a little bug. I pulled it out and looked at it in disbelief.

My mom came in after hearing me scream. She asked, “What’s wrong?” And I just told her to look on my head. She did and she started yelling too.

After combing through my hair and putting any kind of solution she could find in it to drown the disgusting creatures, we finally killed all of the lice.

We disinfected the entire house, washed any blankets, sheets, and stuffed animals we could find, and then went on with the rest of our trip paranoid.

On the bright side, I haven’t had lice since then. Hopefully I will never have to go through that again.

A new beginning for The Collegian

Friday, December 1st, 2017

By Brad Hallier
Collegian Advisor

I’ve never been an educator before this semester started. All I’ve ever known in the professional world was being a sports journalist.

When my time as a newspaper guy ended on May 31st of this year, my future was as uncertain as a typical college student’s. Fortunately, some outstanding people at Hutchinson Community College recommended that I become the new journalism instructor and adviser to The Hutchinson Collegian.

I love journalism. After my family and soccer, journalism is my true love. Having the opportunity to teach college students journalism was intriguing and exciting. Really, all I wanted to do this semester was pass on my love of journalism.

I don’t know whether I succeeded in that or not. But here’s what I do know – the seven students who were on staff this semester worked their baguettes off to make The Collegian the source to read news about HutchCC.

While I have never been an educator before, I didn’t come into this semester naïve. I’m well aware of what had happened with The Collegian the last few years and that there were some bridges burned. But I wasn’t concerned with any of that. One of the first days of class, I let my students know what our goal was for this semester – to have people read our product.

I wanted to see students looking at our newspaper. I wanted to see faculty and staff reading it. I wanted an increased web presence and improved social media. I wanted to see people sharing stories on Facebook and retweeting stories on Twitter.

Again, I don’t know how well we succeeded at that, but the results were encouraging. Several times this semester, the student-publications box in Lockman Hall was empty. Small newspaper stacks in Shears Technology Center, Lockman, Parker Student Union and the Sports Arena were often gone, or, at least, had been shifted around.

The students have done some outstanding work. From the Halloween edition to problems with Student Health Services to the best sports features on Blue Dragon athletes seen in this publication maybe ever, I can’t say enough about how well Merissa Anderson, Emma Cox, “Unfortunate” Brenna Eller, Amanda Carney, Lucas Barlow, Jack Greenwood and Cassidy Crites have done this semester.

I’ve never been in journalism for myself. Compliments, while appreciated, often embarrass me. And rest assured, I’ve heard a ton of compliments this semester, often geared toward me.

I appreciate it. I really do. But The Collegian is not about me. I never want to see my name in this publication again. This publication is by the students, and for the students and entire HutchCC community.

We’re living in interesting times, especially when it comes to journalism. When practiced properly and ethically, it’s one of the most rewarding and noble professions in the world. My hope is to guide students who take my class, and help them practice journalism the right way.

To the students of HutchCC, keep reading the newspaper. Take a journalism class (we have tacos and pizza!). And to the faculty and staff, thank you for welcoming me to your world. I hope you’re as happy with The Collegian as I have been. And please, if you have one of my students in class and you’ve liked what you’ve read and seen, pay them a compliment. They’re the ones who deserve it.

The Entertainment Pulse: “American Horror Story” seasons ranked

Friday, November 17th, 2017

By Jack Greenwood

Staff writer

AHS fans were split this year, when show runner Ryan Murphy announced the new season was to be inspired by the 2016 Presidential election. Many fans were excited to see what direction the show would go, while others wanted an escape from the real life horror happening in our government.

On Tuesday, the new season concluded with an ending of true AHS fashion – lots of blood and death! But where does this new season rank amongst the others? Is AHS still able to deliver stellar seasons without the commanding performances of Jessica Lange? Here is where I believe every season ranks for now: SPOILER WARNING

7. MURDER HOUSE (1): Okay I’m probably in the minority for putting the opening season in the last slot but hear me out. This season was by no means bad – none of them are. The first season introduced us to the world of AHS and gave Jessica Lange a career resurgence. However, I have put the first season here because of its lack of development for its main two characters, Mr. & Mrs. Harmon. They remain the same type of characters throughout the whole series, the scarred heroes that we are led to root for. Aside from Lange’s character Constance and Evan Peters character, Tate, not a lot of characters evolve in this season.

6. ROANOKE (6): Roanoke introduced a brand new format to AHS fans. The series is told as if in a horror reenactment for the first half of the season before switching to reality-show-gone-wrong in the second half. While this season delivered plenty of gore and terror, I can’t help as see this season as all too similar to Murder House. A group of ghosts, trapped in a cursed house. I will admit, the format makes it original. But its similarity to the first season lands it here.

5. ASYLUM (2): Again, another opinion of mine that is probably in the minority. Personally, I loved everything about Asylum. Sarah Paulson joined the main cast and gave us Lana Winters, a character that we remember years later. Zachary Quinto and James Cromwell also joined and gave us a spine tingling villains. Let’s not forget Jessica Lange giving us the steely eyed Sister Jude. But one thing caused this season to be tainted for me: Aliens. The alien concept seemed so thrown in there and so unnecessary that its almost the only thing I can remember from this season. None of these seasons are bad, but if there is one that could’ve been perfect, it was asylum. So close.

4. HOTEL (5): Some consider this season, the first without Jessica Lange, to be its worst. I humbly disagree. Global pop sensation, Lady Gaga joined the main cast and gifted us with vampire heiress, the countess. The gorgeous scenery, neon lighting, vampire concept, allusion to H. H. Holmes and top rate performances by Gaga, Paulson, Peters, Angela Bassett, Denis O’Hare and Kathy Bates made this season better than expected. The only issue I had with this season, was that too much of the attention was laid on Det. John Lowe, played by Wes Bently. The character should’ve been a supporting character, and his screen time reduced. But other than that, this season doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

3. CULT (7): We finally reach our brand new season. This season brought in a plethora of newer faces including Billie Lourd and Alison Pill, both of which gave grade-A performances. But the one thing that made this season really work was the performance by veterans Paulson and Peters. These two have never been given a season the way Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates were, to have a story revolve around them. This season they finally got their turn and boy did they deliver. This season also was the first in which no supernatural creatures were introduced, a bold choice. It also gave stellar reenactments of several other cults including the Manson family and SCUM. Of course, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were also part of the plot, but done in small doses. Overall, this season was new and fresh and breathed new life into this series.

2. FREAK SHOW (4): The final season featuring Jessica Lange sent her out with a bang. No other season had this great of character development and storyline. There was not a weak cast member in the bunch, although newcomer Finn Wittrock as Dandy Mott was a standout, giving a nightmarishly brilliant performance. The season had plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge, all while giving great character back stories and even some song and dance numbers. This season is also one that is underrated and deserves to be at closer to the top. Aside from a finale that seemed rushed, this season was pretty close to perfect.

1. COVEN (3): Finally, we reach number one and to be honest no one should be surprised. Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates both won Emmy’s for this standout season about a Coven of witches in New Orleans. The season also brought in newcomers Angela Bassett, Emma Roberts and Gabourey Sidibe and gave us as supernaturally good a storyline as a true AHS fan can hope for. From the fight for power to be the supreme, to the crazy romances and witchcraft, Coven is never without surprises and plot twists. Not to mention, Frances Conroy and Lily Rabe also gave us their best characters in Myrtle Snow and Misty Day. This is the season that AHS came close to perfect.

The Unfortunate Events of Brenna: My Washington DC experience

Friday, November 17th, 2017

By Brenna Eller

Opinion Page Editor

So this past weekend I went to Las Vegas with my best friend to go to a Marine Ball. As I was there, I couldn’t help but think of the time I went to Washington D.C. my junior year of high school because that was the last time we had flown together.

The history teacher at Little River, Mr. Keith Rains, takes students every year to Washington D.C. during the summer with a group from surrounding areas. I’m not sure how he has gone time and time again, but I think I’m good with not going for a while.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast on the trip and loved the memorials, but since I am an Eller, and my two older sisters had been forgetful the years they went to Washington, I was just bound to forget something too.

That being said, my oldest sister wandered away from the group a lot when she went, scaring Mr. Rains quite a bit, and my other sister left her phone under a bench on Capitol Hill. Luckily there was a guy in her group who was training for a marathon, so he ran back and got the phone for her.

Me being the most irresponsible, unlucky, and clumsiest of the Ellers, just had to one-up them. I left much more than a cell phone. In fact, I didn’t lose my cell phone of all things.

It was the first day of the trip, and I had to get up at 5:30 a.m. so we could get to the airport on time. My sister had informed Mr. Rains that I am way worse than they were and that he needed to keep an eye on me.

When we got to D.C., I went to get my suitcase from the baggage claim. There were so many people, I felt claustrophobic. I tried to squeeze myself into the crowd and accidently bumped into an older lady. I said, “Sorry, excuse me.” She just looked at me like I slapper her in the face or something and shoved me back. So, I just waited until people cleared out to get my bag and moved onto the metro platform.

One of the leaders of our group told us to wait, because the metro that pulled up wasn’t the right one. so I decided to take my backpack that I had been lugging around off. Then the same leader said, “Nevermind, this is us, everyone get on!” So I grabbed my suitcase and got on so I wouldn’t miss it.

It had just started to rain when we got to our stop near the hotel we were staying at. One of the people in our group asked me if she could use my umbrella that I was so happy I brought before.

I said,” Sure!” As I reached behind me, I already knew the inevitable. It was like my heart dropped not only to my stomach, but to my feet.

I started having a mini panic attack and laughed hysterically. I just could not believe I would lose my backpack that had my camera in it, my purse, money, social security card, and umbrella.

I ran to Mr. Rains and he could tell by the horrified look on my face that I had lost something. He said, “What was it?” and I told him where I last saw it. It was at the airport metro platform.

So, we left our group and ran to catch a metro going back to the airport. We finally found the right one and hopped on. When we got to the platform, it was a ghost town. There were zero security guards in sight. I thought I was losing my mind. I was so scared. Finally, we got to a booth where four or five security guards were standing bent over rummaging through something.

Mr. Rains asked if they had found a blue bag with elephants on it and one lady looked at me and said, “What’s your name?” I answered her and she looked at an I.D, then said, “It’s her.” I was just thinking to myself, Oh crap! I’m in a lot of trouble, they think I’m a bomb terrorist, I can’t be seen in this place ever again.

Then I had to sign a paper that stated that everything I had was in the bag. I was so relieved I think I may have teared up a bit. As we were getting to the hotel area, it started to just downpour.

So I got out my umbrella and we shared it walking to the hotel. As I was approaching the rest of our group, someone had started a slow clap and all of a sudden everyone was slow clapping for me. I was so embarrassed I couldn’t even look at anyone.

On the bright side, I took a lot of great pictures and the rest of the week went smoothly even though I had people asking me if I had my bag everyday.

Fall-la-la-la-la: Christmas music should be played early

Friday, November 10th, 2017

By Merissa Anderson

Collegian editor

It’s cold outside and Halloween has finally passed with undeniably means that it’s Christmas time!

As any holly jolly, festive person know, Christmas time calls for Chistmas music absolutely everywhere – in grocery stores, on the radio, during class. And why not?

The classical tunes that most have been listening to since childhood often bring back sentimental memories and make the winter months of freezing weather just a little bit more bearable.

Many argue that people like myself that start playing Christmas music early and don’t stop till New Year are ignoring Thanksgiving but that’s simply not the case.

I just would like to celebrate my favorite holiday, Christmas, for more than just one short month out of the year.

Show me some equally festive turkey music and I’ll blare that too but until Thanksgiving music becomes a reality, I’ll start my Christmas music the day after Halloween and play it all the way up through January and love every second of it – even if others don’t.

I would say, even as someone that loves Christmas music, that after Halloween is the only respectable time to listen to Christmas music.

Now I mmmaaayyyy have started listening to Christmas music all the way back in the beginning of October when I felt that first chilly wind but even I can acknowledge that listening to Christmas music that early may be a sin. But that didn’t stop me this year and it won’t stop me next year either!

Let’s face it- the cold sucks and the cold sucks even more when there’s no snow and people are telling you not to listen to the best music made by mankind ever. So don’t listen to the haters – listen to Jingle Bells!

Bah-humbug! Christmas music in November? No thanks.

Friday, November 10th, 2017

By Amanda Carney

Online Editor

Bah-humbug. It’s that time of year again, Christmas. People have already started to pull out the decorations and the music. And once again it is too early to begin celebrating Christmas.

Call me a Grinch but I am a firm believer in celebrating Thanksgiving before pulling out anything Christmas related. Today, many people think as soon as November first hits that it is time to pull out the Christmas music, and I could not disagree more. People have a tendency to jump from Halloween straight to Christmas, often forgetting Thanksgiving.

There are two main reasons I dislike Christmas music before celebrating Thanksgiving.
My number one reason is now days’ people forget to be thankful for what they already have, and when people start playing Christmas music Nov. 1 no one stops to remember how blessed they are. No matter how rich or poor you are you have at least one thing you are thankful for.

My second reason for disliking Christmas music is it’s just flat out annoying. Artist just take an old Christmas song and “update” it and try to put a twist on it. There is not a Christmas song that I have not already heard. When I step into work, I hear the same songs on repeat for weeks and would like nothing more than to bang my head into wall than hear another Christmas song. I listen to the same Christmas songs year after year, it’s just like hearing the same song every time you turn on the radio. We all have that one song the radio has ruined, and for me that is Christmas music in general.

However, if my someone wants to listen too Christmas music after they have celebrated Thanksgiving I am more than okay sucking up my dislike of Christmas and listening to it. After you have celebrated Thanksgiving you can pull out all the Christmas music or decorations you want.

Destroying the stigma surrounding community colleges

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

By Haeli Maas

Collegian columnist

Growing up I always thought I would be at a four-year university, a member of a sorority, and meeting my best friend in the dorms.

I dreamt in middle school of all the good times I would have attending to the football games, walking around campus, and going out on Friday nights with my friends.

When high school came around and college became a real, tangible thing, I started to realize how much this “dream college experience” would cost me. At an early age I figured out what money meant to me, and I knew that by attending a four-year university I would be putting myself in a lot of debt. My GPA wasn’t as high as it could have been coming out of high school, so the scholarship opportunities available to me were slim. I had to decide quickly what path I wanted to take in my life to become successful and try to keep my debt at a minimum.

Enter Hutchinson Community College. By junior year of high school, I was thinking pretty seriously about attending a community college for the first two years of my education. There had been admissions representatives at my high school for the different community colleges in Kansas, and I decided to visit Hutchinson Community College. Note: I did NOT want to end up at a community college.

From early on, it was hammered into my head that community colleges gave you sub-par education for a cheap price tag, and were not viable options when it comes to going to a “good” college (i.e. a four-year). I did not enter my visit with the idea that I wanted to end up at a community college because I felt that people would think that I was unable to make it at a four-year. But either way, I decided to visit HCC and see what it would offer.

During my visit, I noticed that the college wasn’t very different from a 4-year, except maybe in size. It offered all the same classes, all of the same extracurriculars, and all the same things you would find at a state school. While I liked that it would offer the same experience, I made my decision the moment I saw the cost breakdown for tuition. Tuition was half of what it costs to go to a four-year, and it was closer to home so I wouldn’t have to pay to live on campus. I made my decision because it was what made sense for me financially, but in the back of my mind I still believed that I was missing out on something by going to a community college. I found that it was far from the truth.

Coming to a community college was an amazing choice for me financially, but I realized that there is no difference between a four-year and two-year other than class size.

The community college track offered a 17:1 student-teacher ratio, while a general education class at a four-year had lecture halls with over 100 students in them. My teachers know my name, they know how well I do, and they are willing to help me out when I need it. I am being taught by someone with a doctorate in their field, instead of a teaching assistant. I am learning the material in my classes because I am encouraged to ask questions.

I realized that the quality of my education at a two-year was not the same: it was actually better. Because most people who go to two-years are looking to transfer, all of the advisors have information on what classes are required at the four-year of your choice and can make a plan that allows you to take all of the classes you can at a two-year (for half the cost) that still transfer to a four-year. I met new people just like I would at a university, and I am still having a good experience.

The big difference is: now that it is time for me to transfer to the University of Kansas in the Spring, I have no debt. None at all. I owe nothing for the first two years of my education. Most universities offer scholarships for transfer students, and because I took my schooling more seriously at the college level, I was able to receive the highest amount of money that they offer.

Though I do have to take out my first student loan, I can do so knowing that I will not have four years’ worth of debt by the time I graduate, but only two. I see every day the stigma that surrounds community colleges, but the reality is that it is the same level of education that you receive at a university, and you save thousands of dollars. I am proud to have come here because it was a decision that safeguarded my future and opened up opportunities to me that would not have been available if I had let my emotions decide my fate.