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For DragonLAN, it’s all fun and games

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

By Emma Cox
Campus Editor

If you are a gamer and enjoy being a part of online gaming parties, you will definitely enjoy the DragonLAN parties.
Instructor of computer, programming and website classes, Matt Magee has been the head of the club since 2011. The club was started 11 years ago to emphasize the computer rigs and the students taking the A+ classes were building. As these students learned to build computers they started doing it on their own systems at home and building big gaming rigs that they wanted to show off.

“In those days, LANs were a huge event,” Magee said. If people wanted to play the same game together they all had to tie into the same server. To do this with the student built gaming rigs it seemed like a great way to show off what the students were doing here at Hutchinson Community College in the A+ classes.

The name of the club has a specific meaning. LAN stands for Local Area Network – this is what LAN parties are.

“When the students had to all tie together and of course since we are the Blue Dragons here at HutchCC the DragonLAN name was born.” Magee said.

The DragonLAN officers meet every month to help decide what games will be played at the parties and what charity events the club will be associated with but the events themselves take place twice a semester with one coming up on Friday.

“This club gives students the means of sharing what they have built as well as a place to come together, have fun with other students interested in the same types of things and enjoying a gaming environment here on campus that will help build social skills,” Magee said.

A lot of the DragonLAN alumni still show up to their events, which helps crate a networking opportunity for the students.

If you want to get involved with the club you are welcome to show up to an event and sign up for a membership at that time or just go to a party without becoming a member at all. There is a small fee to be part of an event which is only $5. A membership is $20 for the whole school year which gets you into all events and a t-shirt as well as some other elite inside membership perks.

The Unfortunate Events of Brenna: My Health Experiences

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Aside from the tailbone incidents, I have had my fair share of health issues and doctor appointments thus far in my life.
I can peg it down to the age of 2, because that’s when I had a seizure caused from too much heat. It was also discovered then that I had asthma. Since then, I have had a few asthma attacks, in which one was on a school bus in grade school. I scared my friends and bus driver, but it all worked out in the end. So there I was, doing breathing treatments every night until I slowly started getting better.
In fifth grade, I woke up one morning and thought it was just a normal Thursday. Boy, was I wrong. I felt a bit odd, like I was under water or in a tunnel so I went to go tell my mom. As I got to the room that she was in, I immediately blacked out, falling and banging my head against the wall on the way down.
After that, I had several doctor appointments to try and figure out what was happening to me. I had a heart test, where I got to keep a framed sonogram of my heart, an EKG for my brain in which I had to pull an all-nighter so that I could sleep in the doctor’s office, and even a diabetes test where I had my blood drawn in little vials six times (one per hour) without food. None of those tests had any of the answers my parents were searching for, so the doctors had me do a tilt-table test where they stuck an IV in my left arm right on the inside of my wrist. I was lying straight on my back and the table slowly rose to where I stood up straight and they timed me while I passed out. It was definitely not fun feeling fuzzy and hearing absolutely nothing but buzzing noises.
Then they finally diagnosed me with vasio-syncopy which is a fancy term for: passing out due to blood vessels not contracting and constricting correctly. Apparently my blood doesn’t circulate as well as it should. Sometimes the blood supply from my heart to my brain doesn’t work fast enough and when I stand up fast or exercise too much, I get dizzy and see black spots, or just have really bad migraine headaches.
I know this column isn’t the happiest, but it is in fact unfortunate. From fifth grade up until last year, I had to see a neurologist in Wichita every six months for a regular check-up, which made me feel dumb. I had to do memory tests, which I absolutely suck at, math tests and reading/english related tests. The best part about it? Skipping school and eating out with my mom or dad because I got to choose the restaurant.
I was also told that there are “triggers” for my migraine headaches. My neurologist said they were: caffeine, cheddar cheese, processed meat, and chocolate. It just so happened that the day I was told this, I had eaten a slim jim, a cheesestick, a Kit-Kat, and for my drink, Dr Pepper of course. I glanced at my dad and I knew he was thinking the same thing, that I could never give up my favorite foods and drink. So, I have limited myself a bit. Sometimes I have white cheese and I don’t eat too much chocolate because it does give me a headache after a while. As for the caffeine… Let’s just say it’s a work in progress.
On the bright side, I haven’t had an episode in two years because I can usually detect when I am going to pass out before it happens, so I sit or lay down as soon as I hear ringing in my ears or when my eyesight goes black. Also, I can always get out of a sticky situation by standing up straight, locking my knees and counting to a minute and a half. I’ll just need someone to take me away from any danger around the area.

Fulfill your need for fright at haunted houses

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Brenna Eller
Opinion page editor

Halloween is right around the corner and with that in mind, it’s time to start thinking about places to go and get spooked.

Around Hutchinson, there are a few well populated “haunted houses” such as; Field of Screams located in Maize, the Haunted Cannery in El Dorado, and Forest of Fear in Udall.


Field of Screams is set up in a cornfield where surprises lurk around every cornstalk. During the wait to enter this spooky maze, there are actors dressed in scary costumes standing around making people jump by getting as close as a half of an inch from their face. There is also a video with horror-movie themes that plays before you go in making the environment much creepier. As if it wasn’t scary enough, they have a Clown Town in the middle of the field where clowns jump out when least expected.

The Haunted Cannery is a ride of terror set in Walter’s Pumpkin Patch. There is a hay-ride that brings people around a cornfield, and leads to an abandoned grain elevator, once they stop, passengers get off and explore the 4-story elevator, filled with surprises and jump-scares at every turn. Here’s another interesting fact about the Haunted Cannery is that some of the dressed up volunteers helping run the event are Bishop Carroll students.

If you are wanting an authentic paranormal experience, the Forest of Fear in Udall has actual documentation of supernatural events. During the wait, there is an outdoor scary movie, a campfire, people telling ghost stories, and a snack area. To make the landscape spookier, the creatures heard aren’t all man made.

There are plenty other haunted houses in the area, so check a few out if you are a thrill seeker.

The Entertainment Pulse: Jack Greenwood’s five must-watch Halloween movies

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

By Jack Greenwood

Staff writer

5. Halloween (1978)
In what would become an instant classic among horror fans, this 1978 cult hit launched the career of Jamie Lee Curtis and gave new meaning to the term “slasher film.” Michael Meyers is a mentally unstable child who is locked away after murdering his sister. Years later he returns to Haddonfield, Illinois and begins stalking and killing a group of high school students.

Why you need to watch: There is no denying that Jamie Lee Curtis is the ultimate “Scream Queen.” If you want a true classic slasher to watch, this film has a ton of jump scares, a classic killer, and that familiar Michael Meyers suspense music that will make your heart stop every time you hear it.

4. Halloweentown (1998)
Three children, Marnie, Dylan and Sophie, are never allowed to celebrate Halloween. Except, when their magical Grandma (who is actually a witch) visits them on Halloween night. The film is a Disney Channel classic that takes us on an adventure to save the fictional place known as “Halloweentown” a place where the creatures of Halloween live in harmony.

Why you need to watch: This film truly gives us back that magical feeling we had on Halloween as kids. You see all of the classic monsters that plagued your nightmares as kids, come back in a movie for the whole family. The late great Debbie Reynolds dazzles as the spellcasting Grandma Aggie, one of her most fun performances to watch. Overall, this film may not scare you, but it gives you back the Halloween you dreamt of as a child.

3. The Addams Family (1991)
The wonderfully spooky family everyone knows in some form or another, returns to us in a full-length feature film that delights. Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday and Pugsley welcome back Uncle Fester into their lives after his long disappearance. But is it really him?

Why you need to watch: Quite simply, they are the Halloween family. The creepiness of their house and interests is met with a humorous charm that is intoxicating for all audiences. Anjelica Huston is perfect in her role as Morticia Addams and the rest of the cast delivers memorable performances sure to leave you in the spooky mood.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
Many have asked the question “Is this movie a Halloween or Christmas movie?” Personally, I see no problem watching Jack Skellington all year round. But, for arguments sake, I say this is a Halloween movie. It brings us into another “Halloweentown”, this time darker, and at times, more disturbing. Watch the PuTg mpkin King as he attempts to take over Christmas and redefine Santa Claus.

Why you need to watch: First of all, this is Tim Burton’s best movie. Period. The man is a genius, but it would be hard to find more beloved characters or more enchanting songs about frights and fear. On top of that, the world of Halloween is brought to love in a beautiful animated stop-motion format that is simply haunting. This film brings all the thrills of a scary movie, while bringing the music and charm of a family movie.

1. Hocus Pocus (1993)
This movie is the most iconic Halloween movie of all time, and I will argue that until I die. Three witches, The Sanderson Sisters, are accidentally brought back from the dead and in an attempt to stay young forever, begin to steal the souls of the children of Salem. Max, Allison, Dani and Binx attempt to fight off their wicked curses and spells, all while the witches bicker and argue their way through a world full of surprises.

Why you need to watch: Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy give us the gift of the Sanderson Sisters. These three witches, give us iconic comedy roles all while making us fear lighting another black flame candle. This film has gone on to become a cult classic, and gives us iconic lines “Another glorious morning… makes me sick!” and a song number by Midler (I put a spell on you) that is simply… to die for. This movie is Halloween, scary and frightful yet full of magic. But remember, it’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus.

Why Halloween is my favorite holiday

Friday, October 20th, 2017

By Jack Greenwood
Staff writer

It’s that time of year again! A time where witches, vampires, werewolves and zombies roam the streets. A time to get lost in a corn maze, make jack-o’-lanterns and watch “Hocus Pocus”.

It’s a time to be free. Which is why I am here to say that Halloween is the best holiday.

I’m sure there are many Christmas and Thanksgiving enthusiasts out there who would be appalled to hear that line. But hear me out. I have several reasons Halloween is the best.

First of all, as I said, it’s a time to be free. People can dress as their favorite heroes or monsters and be as daring as they want. There is no pressure to look or act a certain way. Wear as crazy of a costume as you want. For me, that freedom also means getting to be someone else. When I was younger, I remember dressing up as Superman and feeling like I could conquer the world. It’s a day when people don’t have to be themselves, and be someone that makes them feel invincible.

Second, Halloween has no obligations. During Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is required of most people to travel and visit relatives. If you’re like me, that means being trapped with relatives that don’t believe you’re living the life you need just because you listen to Lady Gaga instead of Frank Sinatra, or (heaven forbid) politics get brought up, and your elderly family wants to know who you voted for and why. But Halloween isn’t like that. Halloween is a celebration based on the old pagan holiday, All Hallows Eve, when the dead can revisit the living world. But let’s face it, Halloween is a lot of fun.

All the fun haunted houses, monster makeup, and “thriller” flash mobs make this holiday one of the most diverse in terms of traditions and one of the most enjoyable. It’s hard not to find something you love in terms of the fall and Halloween atmosphere.

Finally, the spooky atmosphere is addicting. Who doesn’t get goose bumps when seeing velvet spider decorations or hear the howl of a wolfman? Who doesn’t get excited at the thought of walking through a tall corn maze, or an elaborate haunted house? All these and so many more give me a real adrenaline high and excitement that makes the 364-day wait well worth it. The idea that ghosts will be wandering our streets orwitches flying through our skies gives me the best kind of shivers.

In conclusion, Halloween is about so much more than the pumpkin spice latte or the buckets full of candy (although I love both of those things). Halloween gives freedom for all and a spooky sensation that just can’t be matched. So you can keep your Christmas trees and Thanksgiving turkeys. I’ll be more than happy with everything that makes Halloween my favorite holiday.

‘Check’ out the HutchCC chess club

Friday, October 20th, 2017

By Cassidy Crites
Staff writer

Six years ago, Hutchinson Community College’s Duane Schmidt first introduced chess in one of his work ethics classes.

“Chess teaches things like like decisions and consequences, and planning your strategy, thinking ahead, and it’s good for your brain,” Schmidt said. “And work ethics is a lot like that. It’s making good decisions and keeping track of stuff.”

For three semesters, it stayed in the classroom until a student suggested they make it a club. The club worked well, gaining support from the administration. From there, the club filtered into five local schools, starting with Hutchinson High School, then Allen Elementary, Holy Cross Elementary, Hutchinson Middle School 7 and Nickerson High School.

On Saturday, the Hutchinson Community College Chess in the Schools program and the Hutchinson Community Foundation hosted a chess tournament provided by a Make It Greater Grant from the Fund for Hutchinson of the Hutchinson Community Foundation.

The tournament was open to kids from all over ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade.

While no members from the college chess team competed, some helped out.

The club features 20 members, which is a lower number, for this year. However, on the chess club is Gabe Purdy. Purdy has been named Kansas Champion five times, but his talents don’t stop there. Purdy can play the game blindfolded and has once played 33 different people at one time, winning 28 of those games.

For now, the chess club has not competed in any tournaments. However, there is an upcoming tournament for any HutchCC students. The date has not been set yet, but chess sets and money will be awarded to the winners.

The club meets Monday’s from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Thursday’s from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and is always looking for new members to join.
“Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of the amount of knowledge towards the game. We teach people how to play all the time,” Schmidt said.

While the main focus of the club is chess, Schmidt said he felt there is more to it than the game.

“It’s not just chess. The least important thing about chess club is chess. It’s about friendships,” Schmidt said.

The Unfortunate Events of Brenna: College Experience Update

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Brenna Eller: Opinion Editor
When I was 3-years old, I had an imaginary friend. Or so I thought.
His name was Jacob. According to my sisters and parents, I talked to him, laughed with him, and made my mom pour drinks for him.
I did this so often my sisters asked me where he was so they didn’t have to sit near him. If he wasn’t there, I would simply just tell them he wasn’t with me at the time. I was 3, so of course I’m basing this off of what my sisters and parents have told me. Apparently it scared them the most because I was so serious about it. I would yell at my mom if she didn’t make something for Jacob and tell her to get him some juice.
On road trips my sisters would ask if Jacob came with us, every time I would say, “He stayed at the barn house.” When we moved from that country house, I was especially sad because I had to leave my best friend behind.
Now, imagine hearing this story for the first time as an 8-year old at your grandparents’ house right before going to sleep. All of my cousins and I would gather in the living room and tell scary stories, and my cousins were fortunate enough to be able to sleep after telling stories. I, however, was not so lucky. I would either have to sleep in my parents’ room or I would stay up all night terrified of everything. So, when my sister Leisha informed me that I used to have a ghost-friend named Jacob, I was already doomed to have a sleepless night and still scared myself years after that picturing what he might’ve looked like.
I asked my mom about the house we used to live in and she told me about all of the crazy unexplainable things that happened there. My dad claimed to see an older woman walking around the house all the time, he thought it was my sisters, but checked and everyone was in bed. There was an older man that I claimed to see along with Jacob. One day, my mom was in the basement folding laundry and my little sister and I were with her. All of a sudden I erupted with laughter. She asked me what was wrong, and I said, “He’s teasing me Mommy.” She stopped what she was doing and looked around for someone, no one else was there and she said, “Who’s teasing you?” I pointed right above me and said, “That man right there.” She dropped everything and took my sister and I both upstairs.
When my mom went to ask about the history of that house, she went to our neighbor who used to live in the house growing up. He told her about the deaths that happened there.
One boy was out in a pasture when a stampede trampled him to death, we figure that one to be Jacob, but aren’t exactly sure. The older man was our neighbor’s dad. He told her that his dad loved kids and loved to “tease” them. When she heard, “tease” she knew that was the man that I saw.
The lady was his step-mother. She was apparently abusive and would wear strong perfume, which my mom could smell in the bathroom. She said it would give her a headache because of how strong the odor was.
I remember believing Jacob was my guardian angel protecting me from all of the bad things in the house. I also recall telling my siblings that Jacob didn’t come with me anywhere and when we moved, I told them that he wanted to stay at his home, which was the barn house.
On the bright side, if there really is one from this story, I don’t see ghosts anymore. I used to try to look for ghosts and wanted to be a ghost hunter, but since I haven’t seen anything supernatural after that experience, I think I can live with it.

Amanda’s perfect pumpkin recipes

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Amanda Carney
Online Editor

It’s finally fall, and that means one thing – it’s official pumpkin season. Weather it’s carving pumpkins, eating pumpkin foods or drinking pumpkin drinks.
One of my favorite parts of fall is baking anything with pumpkin in it. My top three pumpkin recipes are pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cake roll, and pumpkin bread.
Pumpkin cookies are my number one fall recipe. This recipe is extremely easy to follow and non-time consuming. I often add cream chesses once the cookies are done cooling to add extra flavor.
Pumpkin Cake Roll is my second favorite fall thing to bake. I love baking this because it is a recipe me and my mom have been following for years. We found this recipe from Taste of Home online. If you want to bake this, I suggest having ample time to bake before starting this recipe.
I had to add the classic pumpkin bread to my top three favorite fall foods to bake. This is one of my favorites to bake because it is an easy to follow precipice, you can even turn the bread into muffins. I often bake this the night before a busy day and grab a slice to go in to the morning.
Pumpkin Cookies
2 Cups Flour
1 ¼ teaspoons Baking Power
1 teaspoon Baking Soda
1 ½ teaspoon Pumpkin Spice
½ teaspoon Salt
2 Eggs
1 ¼ Cups Brown Sugar
½ Cup Canola Oil
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1 Cup Pumpkin
Bake at 375 degrees for 10-12 minutes. Fill free to add cream cheese frosting for extra flavor.
Pumpkin Cake Roll
3 eggs separated
1 Cup Sugar
2/3 Cup canned pumpkin
¾ Cup flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 package cream chess, softened
2 teaspoons butter softened
1 Cup confectioners’ sugar
¾ teaspoon vanilla extract
Directions: Line a 15-in. x 1-in. backing pan with waxed paper; grease the paper and set aside. In a large bowl beat egg yolk on high speed until thick and lemon-colored. Gradually add ½ Cup sugar and pumpkin, beat on high until sugar is almost dissolved. In a small bowl, beat egg whites until soft peaks from. Gradually add remaining sugar, beating until stiff peaks form. Fold into egg yolk mixture, Combine the flour, baking soda, cinnamon and salt and gently fold into pumpkin mixture. Spread into prepared pan. Bake at 375 for 12-15 minutes. Cool for 5 minutes. Turn cake onto a kitchen towel dusted with confectioners’ sugar. Gently peel off waxed paper. Roll up cake in the towel jelly-roll style, starting with a short side. Cool Completely on a wire rack. In a mixing bowl, combine cream cheese, butter confectioners’ sugar and vanilla; beat until smooth. Unroll cake; spread filling evenly. Tool up again. Cover and freeze until firm. Enjoy!
Pumpkin Bread
1 ½ Cups Flour
1 Cup firmly packed Brown Sugar
1 Cup canned Pumpkin
¼ Cup Canola Oil
2 Eggs
¼ Cup Apple Sauce
2 teaspoons Pumpkin Spice
½ teaspoon Baking Powder
½ teaspoon Baking Soda
½ teaspoon Salt
Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Bake 40 to 45 minutes.

Scenes from Friday’s vigil in downtown Hutchinson

Monday, August 21st, 2017

Photos by Merissa Anderson.

‘Vendetta’ has sinister storyline

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

By Amaelle Caron

“V for Vendetta” is a movie inspired by the graphic novel by the same name.

The story takes place in the United Kingdom in a post-apocalyptic world, where war and dictatorship rule everything.

The main character, V (Hugo Weaving) is a revolutionary who wants to free the English people from their corrupt police state government.