By Caleb Spencer/Staff Writer

From an outside perspective, Kansas can appear to be a gentle, docile state. However, most Kansans know that our state can sometimes be unpredictable. Storms roll in without notice, tornadoes appear more often than other areas and earthquakes have begun to strike the Hutchinson area.

Despite the unpredictable nature of our state, out-of-state athletes find it to be easier than expected to accommodate Kansas’ peculiar nature.

Hunter Waugh transferred to Hutchinson Community College from Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska to play baseball, but grew up in Omaha, Nebraska.

“Everything is a lot bigger in Omaha, Hutchinson is a lot smaller,” Waugh said about the similarities and differences between Hutchinson and Omaha.

In regards to weather, Waugh explained that Hutchinson was “more consistently hot” than Omaha, but that was where the differences mostly ended. He confessed that he had never seen a tornado due to living in a larger city his whole life, but tornadoes weren’t uncommon in the area.

Overall, HutchCC has been treating Waugh well so far, and he has adjusted well to the large move.

“I’ve already made a couple of friends here.”

Alexander Bengtsson moved to the United States from Sweden last year to attend McPherson College before transferring to HutchCC as part of the track and field team.

Having been born in Sweden, Bengtsson explained that the differences between Kansas and his home country cover more than the weather.

“The United States is huge compared to Sweden,” Bengtsson about the difference between the United States and his home country.

He also said that, regarding weather, Sweden doesn’t experience the extreme weather the United States does, but school doesn’t get canceled for rain or snow.

As a whole, Alexander has been enjoying his time at HutchCC and in the United States. Alexander said that people frequently ask him about his home country and that the people in Hutchinson are nicer than most Americans, which he attributes to the city’s smaller size.

Kansas can be unpredictable- sporadic storms, tornadoes, and the occasional earthquake lead to uncertainty among its residents. Even still, people travel from other states, and sometimes other countries to attend school right here in Hutchinson, Kansas.

While the docile, gentle appearance of Kansas covers the truth about the state, the athletes that come to HutchCC aren’t fazed by what truly happens here.

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