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Early Enrollment Sneaking Up On Current Students

By: Jared Shuff

For current Hutchinson Community College students returning, early enrollment is crucial.

It is important for students to get their schedules thought out and organized so they can stay on track to graduate at the desired time. Classes can fill up quickly, and only take place at certain times during the day, so getting enrolled in the required classes should be on the top of every student’s priority list.

However, for something so important, there seems to be little notice when it comes to the start of early enrollment. There are rarely emails sent out about it, and students don’t always think to check the online calendar.

Sage Williams, a freshman from Hutchinson, was unaware of when early enrollment began.

“I know it starts for next semester at the end. I saw it on the calendar, but I’m not sure other than that,” Williams said.

There is an enrollment day for new students in late April, which is most likely what Williams had seen. When it came to enrollment for current students, she couldn’t say for sure when it started.

Early enrollment for current students begins on Monday, sooner than many students probably believe. There are advisors who have sent reminders to students about enrollment days. Advisors are a vital resource for students when it comes to figuring out their college plans.

Bernadett Dillon, a HutchCC advisors, was able to share some important aspects of her job.

“We reach out to our students, especially those who are getting those attendance warnings, have office hours so that students can talk and reschedule their classes, as well as being an ear for students who need to vent or need some guidance in their plans,” Dillon said.

Students should take advantage of these resources, and some students do. Williams has nothing but positive things to say about her advisor, Neal Allsup.

“He’s helpful with scheduling classes,” Williams said. “We’ve figured out what classes I need to stay a full-time student and he also helps with the steps I need to take to get to a certain college.”

Basically, she makes it clear that Allsup has helped her figure out what she is doing with her life, a difficult task for most students at the college level. This is something that advisors are amazing at.

“We’re all very knowledgeable about what the college can do for every individual, whether that’s going the vocational tech route, getting an Associate’s degree, or using what you’ve gotten here at HutchCC to transfer to a four-year university,” Dillon said.

All advisors go through training so they can do the best job for the students, which is what matters most. The success of the students coincides directly with the success of the college.

Dillon also explained why enrolling early is so important.

“You just have a better option of getting into the classes you’re wanting to get into that will work best with your work schedule, practices and other activities,” Dillon said.

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