by: Kat Collins

The Hutchinson Community College Ambassadors are, in many ways the faces of the college.

Many of the them are posted about on the college admissions Instagram – @hutchccadmissions. They are an important part of recruiting new students, providing individual campus visits, and helping with group tours.

What does it take to become an ambassador? Corbin Strobel, HutchCC Admissions Director, said that students should express an interest in the program through the HutchCC scholarship application or an inquiry with someone in the admissions office.

“Students are required to complete the HutchCC college scholarship application, as well as the Student Ambassador application,” Strobel said. “We interview the top candidates from the applicant pool and make our selections from that group. Current HutchCC Student Ambassadors do not need to reapply to the ambassador program if they plan to return, and they have fulfilled all requirements to keep their ambassador scholarship.

“We believe that the most successful ambassadors are those students that demonstrate pride in the college, communicate well with others, are dependable and adaptable, and show a strong commitment to their role in the recruitment of future Blue Dragon”

What would you need to learn if you become an ambassador? The college provides trainings before the beginning of classes in August. During the training process, ambassadors learn as much as they can about HutchCC. The training tries to provide information about programs, departments, activities, facilities, resources and processes, so that ambassadors can share that information with prospective students and their parents while on a campus visit.

This also will allow an ambassador to know the different contact people on our campus.

How can someone be recruited as an ambassador? The college actually doesn’t actively recruit ambassadors. HutchCC is interested in students who want to pursue this opportunity for themselves.   They believe that current ambassadors recruit potential new ambassadors by doing a great job on their campus visits and other activities at the college.

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