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By KJ Ryan
Staff writer

As most of Kansas knows, the Kansas City Chiefs are going to compete in the AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots. It seems the Chiefs have found a savior in their new quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, and looks like they’ll be able to hold their own this upcoming Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo.

This seems like a great time to get a Patriots’ fan point of view about the game and see what is going through their heads for this upcoming match. Drew Voth is a Hutchinson resident, Hutchinson Community College student and a Patriots fan. Here are Voth’s thoughts on being the minority fan Sunday.

KJ: How long have you been a Patriots fan?

Drew: I’ve been a fan for 12 years now. Ever since I started watching football.

K: How likely do you think it is that the Patriots win the championship game?

D: It’s pretty likely that the Chiefs can win the Super Bowl, but the Patriots are a hurdle to get to that. If they can beat the Pats in Arrowhead, I would put my money on the Chiefs.

K: What’s your honest opinion of Mahomes and his development in the future?

D: Mahomes has some serious potential in this league. I’m surprised he wasn’t starting last year. I would say to give it a couple years before setting Mahomes’ elite status in stone. He could up like Prescott, not bad, but nothing exciting.

K: Has there been any Chiefs fans giving you issues knowing they are going against your team?

D: I’ve heard plenty of Chiefs fans. Chiefs fans are always loud on the off year they have success.

K: Do you think the Patriots should be labeled as the underdog going into this game?

D: I would never label the Patriots as underdogs. Yes. they’ve lost games this year that Patriots teams of the past would never lose, but Belichick and Brady will always compete. If the Pats play sound defense, they beat anyone.

K: Do you really think that the Patriots suck like Tom Brady has said? By ‘suck’, I would mean Arizona Cardinals type of sucking?

D: I don’t believe the Pats suck and I don’t think Brady truly thinks they do either. They may have less talent than in some previous years but I bet the Raiders would’ve been pretty happy to have the Pats talents this year.

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