The unfortunate events of Brenna- my show and tell experience

On March 2, after my algebra class, I packed up my car with laundry, and my backpack and headed home for Little River. I had a thought to go to Sandstone Heights Nursing Home to see my mother, who is the office manager. As I was dropping off my stuff at my house, I saw a miniature doll that looked remarkably like my doll just upstairs.

When I was about 3-years old, my dad surprised me with the doll because he thought it looked like me. He got my little sister Kylie one too, but hers didn’t resemble her as much as mine resembled me.

I found my old doll in my room and compared the two. The smaller one had the same colorful striped tank top and faded blue skirt. The only thing missing was the matching faded blue jacket.

Over lunch, I asked my mom about it and she was just as excited as I was. She had found the small doll at a thrift store in McPherson by chance. It was in a basket and she just had to get it because it looked exactly like mine.

This reminded me of the time I presented my doll, which I called the Brenna Doll, to my kindergarten class at show-and-tell. Each week, a student was picked by the teachers to do show and tell. When it was my turn, I knew exactly what I would bring.

My baby stuffed elephant with a little diaper on it that read the year 2000, and the Brenna doll. The only issue, I couldn’t find the skirt to my doll. So I figured I could hide that and everything would be fine. Boy was I wrong.

As you can imagine, my classmates laughed at me as I tried to explain myself, but only made it worse when I showed the elephant with the diaper. At the time I felt like my whole class was making fun of my prized possessions.

When the humiliation was over, I ran to the bus that my mom drove and bawled. I told her what happened and as soon as my friends came onto the bus, I gave them the silent treatment. Some were saying that they didn’t laugh, but I told them they did and I saw them.

I will admit that I shouldn’t have brought the doll with no skirt and elephant with a diaper, but the point was to show and tell about your favorite objects that help describe yourself. I thought my reasoning of bringing the two items was pretty justified. The Brenna doll being similar to my physical features and the elephant representing my love for elephants.

Thinking about it still makes me upset, but I understand why my class laughed. I would probably have laughed too if it were someone else’s toys.

On the bright side, the next time I did show-and-tell was in second grade, and I made sure NOT to bring anything that would embarrass me. Another good thing is that the skirt has been found since the show and tell of 2005.

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