The recent tragedies in Florida have reignited the gun control debate and, whether you love or hate the idea, (we’ll keep our opinions secret), the flood of student activism that has emerged is undeniably a great representation of what the freedom of assembly, speech and protest can do in our country.

The fact that children are able to take a stand and make their voices heard while fighting against the decades of being ignored by those with political power, is amazing. They’re using social media as their platform and keeping all news cameras on them in the wake of their peers’ deaths.

You don’t have to agree with them to recognize their power. Already, there have been nationwide walkouts with dozens of schools joining in, student marches on D.C and school shutdowns due to a lack of attendance.

Young people aren’t dumb and they have political opinions despite their inability to vote. Likely, many of these high schoolers are fed up of being told their opinions don’t matter and have instead set out to change the opinions of many. Already, there has been speeches made the president, new bills proposed by various states and companies changing their policies after the shooting and the resulting student activism.

If you don’t agree with them, don’t scold their use of their first amendment, use your own to make your voice and opinions heard. Everybody has an equal opportunity to rally in this country including the students, just do so safely and legally as they have been so far.

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