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A new Dragon fly’s into DragonZone

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Recently, a new feature, Student Self-Service, has been added on DragonZone that allows students to access and print transcripts, view enrollment history and review student loan information amongst other features.

Christina Long, Hutchinson Community College Registrar, worked alongside the IT department to develop the new program which she hopes will make accessing records easier for all students.

“I’m very excited to release this new opportunity for students,” Long said.

For quick access to Student Self-Service, log into DragonZone and select the verification option under the Academics tab. You will then be brought to the page which lists all available options and if you would like to launch the Student Clearinghouse program.


  • Print enrollment verification certificates for health insurers and other organizations
  • Find out when deferred notices were sent to your student lenders
  • View your enrollment history
  • View the proofs of enrollment sent on your behalf to student service providers
  • Get a list of your student loan holders
  • Link to real-time information on your student loans
  • Order a transcript or view the status of previous transcript requests
  • Print “Good Student Discount” certificates to obtain discounts from auto insurers and other companies
  • Provide proof of enrollment to companies to obtain educational discounts on course-related software


“The certificate that you’re going to get by accessing this Student Self-Service area is very official looking,” Long said.

Many students in the past had issues with other information printed from DragonZone not looking professional. The Student Self-Service program solves this problem.

“These come out very professional and are based upon what the student asks for,” Long said.

Prior to this program, students would have to go to the information center in order to get a form to signed. Acquiring the verification forms used to be a 24-hour process but, with this new feature that is free to students, the waiting process is eliminated and student information can be accessed any time of the day or night.

“All students are going to need their transcript at some point either to provide to an employer or to a future college that they are interested in attending,” Long said. “The transcript ordering process makes it easy for a student to go to one location to get the documents they need sent.”

Long had been working with the IT department for 6 months in order to complete all of the necessary behind-the-scenes work. The program was finally released mid February, they had to take all the steps necessary and make it ready for Dragon Zone

“this is the last piece of software, in the group of national clearing house of students that provide for us, there are electronic projects that are occurring in the records office and we are trying to transition the graduate questionnaire for and to over the electric documents, the records office is always working to improve services for students and I’m sure we will come up with something”

Pablo Sanchez

Baseball, softball teams get back to the field and winning

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

The Hutchinson Community College baseball team played for the first time in nine days Tuesday, but the Blue Dragons were on top of their game as they swept Redlands Community College 13-5 and 6-5.

Both games were seven innings.

The Blue Dragons were to play at Rose State College during the weekend, but bad weather forced the three-game series to be cancelled.

Tuesday’s wins improved the Blue Dragons to 6-3. They will have their first Jayhawk West series this week, as Thursday, the Blue Dragons host Colby, and make the return trip to Colby on Saturday.

Softball sweeps Bethany JV – After a two-week hiatus, the Hutchinson Community College softball team was back in action Tuesday at Bethany College in Lindsborg.

The long wait didn’t hamper the Blue Dragons, as they pounded Bethany’s junior varsity 27-2 and 7-2 in the doubleheader.

The Blue Dragons pounded 25 hits in the first game and 10 more in the nightcap.

The Blue Dragons, who improved to 6-0, wasted no time in jumping on top, scoring six runs in the top of the first inning. Shelby Felvus and Bekah Roberts provided the big hits in the inning, Felvus smacking a two-out, two-run double, and Roberts later adding a two-run triple.

The Blue Dragons put the game away with 10 runs in the third inning on 10 hits. Four consecutive RBI singles by Kameron Pope, DJ Cannon, Felvus and Brynne Stockman put the game out of reach.

The second game was a little tighter, as Bethany led 2-0 after two innings. But the Blue Dragons tied it in the third inning on Raven Bass’ two-out, two-run double.

In the fifth inning, HutchCC surged ahead with three runs. Felvus’ two-out, two-run single was the big hit of the inning.

HutchCC in the midst of a 12-game road trip, won’t play at home again until March 13.

Fall enrollment set to begin on March 5

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

The start of the new Hutchinson Community College school year is right around the corner, with 2018 fall enrollment coming up.

Enrollment for the fall semester starts March 5, for current students at HutchCC. Enrollment for new students start April 6.

Current HutchCC students who are planning on returning are encouraged to enroll early. This not only allows for students to get an early start with next semester, but this allows for students to get the classes and times they want with few complications.

Early enrolment allows for students to meet with their advisors and figure out any schedule conflicts before summer starts, for students and advisors.

All students are encouraged to meet with their advisor before the fall semester starts.

“If possible, I encourage students to meet with their advisors face-to-face. Advisors are support persons, referral sources and encourages on student’s journey at HutchCC,” said Christopher Lau, HutchCC Coordinator of Advising.

Students should also meet with their advisors to see where they are at. Students should also be expected to discuss what their next step is at HutchCC, or their next plans in life.

“We want students to think seriously about what comes after HutchCC, whether it be employment or transfer,” Lau said.

Students should also be patient during the enrollment time, as this process can be frustrating to students at times.

Amanda Carney

How I overcame my addiction

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Addiction will mentally destroy you, break you down and will do things that you don’t want to do.

There are many adults and kids who struggle with addiction. Babies can be born with Neonatal withdrawal – a syndrome of infants after birth, which can happen because the mother drinks too much alcohol. It’s sad to see the mom go so low to have their own child suffer because of their own addiction.

There are several forms of addiction, whether its gambling, drinking or smoking. When it comes down to getting help, they have structured themselves in a way that they are powerless against the addiction. Unless they get help, they have no power over themselves.

Let me tell you my tale of addiction.

It all started with one bad break up. Normally, I’m not the type of guy to do stupid stuff, and my dream is to be a psychologist. I am working on that, but let me take you back in time and tell you how I had an addiction.

My senior year at Hutchinson High School, I was in a bad relationship. We both were pretty toxic for each other, and honestly, loved one another, but that love turned into greed. With that being said, it all started because I simply wasn’t getting love returned, and she wasn’t allowed to be around me because of family issues. They didn’t think I was right for her, but she didn’t seem to care because she loved me regardless.

I feel that I wasn’t receiving love back, because she was afraid that someone may snitch on her for being around me. There would be days where she wouldn’t want to be around me, and my thoughts on the relationship changed.

I decided to check up on my ex-girlfriend, and yes, I know that’s a really bad thing to do, and I shouldn’t have done it. But I did, and I started to see how my ex was doing.

She had a bad life style, and I was like “Hey, I wonder how she’s doing today.”

Well, we started to talk, and then I found out she was using me because no other guy would love her. So not only did I cheat, I also lost the love of my life simply because I was greedy and thought I was in love.

I remember the date we broke up. It was Dec. 18, 2017 at 11:10 p.m.

Afterwards, I went to the bathroom and cried my eyes out and made a Facebook status that said, “Why am I so cruel?” A friend commented below saying, “No you’re not, Pablo.” Then I went to my next class and my left eye was more red than my right. One of my friends thought I was “high”, so I just played along with it even though I just got done crying.

Around last summer was when I started my drinking, I was getting money from my mom and friends, and I used it to have friends buy me alcohol. It went on until December.

There was a night where I said, “I’ve had enough” and just wanted to drink everything away. I tried, and I ended up laying on my friend’s bed passed out, literally dying of alcohol poisoning. They didn’t want to take me to the hospital, because they likely would have gotten in trouble and they had to force feed me crackers, help me drink water, and it took me a week to recover.

After I recovered, I decided I should stop.

Drinking took a toll over me because I spent over $400 on alcohol. I am currently sober and have been sober for three months and plan on staying like that for the rest of my life.

Pablo Sanchez

The unfortunate events of Brenna- My runaway experience

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Since the main topic this week is focused on movies and the Oscars, I thought about an unfortunate event that I have been waiting to share.

To start off this bad boy, I need to first explain that one of my all time favorite movies ever is “Toy Story”. I was so obsessed with the movie when I was little that I became the girl version of Andy and had all of the action figures myself.

On my birthdays I would get random “Toy Story” characters. I can’t even begin to tell you how many Woody, Buzz and Jessie toys I had. Of course, they were my favorite. I will say that I changed it up a bit and had Woody with Jessie, because I thought that always made more sense than Bo Peep.

Anyway, when I was little, I threw tantrums like any other 4-year-old girl. Most of the time, it was me being angry at one or all of my sisters. Usually I would just give them the silent treatment, run to the treehouse, and lock them out by putting a makeshift door on the floor of the top loft area. After a few minutes, I would get bored and forgive them so they would play with me.

This one time, my mom and dad were both at work, so my little sister, Kylie, and I were being babysat by my two older sisters, Leisha and Danielle. I don’t exactly remember why I got in trouble, but I do remember being put in timeout. I was so mad that I decided enough was enough. I was going to leave and go where I couldn’t get in trouble.

I was running away.

So I ran upstairs to my bedroom, got my “Toy Story” suitcase that was already filled with “Toy Story” toys, and stuffed socks and underwear inside. I was only thinking of the necessities of course. I was going to take Kylie with me, who was only about 2 at the time, but Danielle took her and told me no.

My sisters didn’t believe I would actually run away, so they just let me go. At the time, we lived on a fairly busy country road outside of Little River, and we were all told never to set foot on that road. So when I stomped up to the end of our horseshoe driveway, I knew full well I would be breaking a huge rule set for my safety. Right when I was about to take that dangerous step, my mom comes pulling into our driveway. Talk about good timing!

She looked at me with a horrified expression that I will never forget. I remember her yelling at me to get back to the house, so I did. I never thought twice about doing it again.

On the bright side, I definitely didn’t try running away again. I also stopped overreacting so badly to my sisters when they babysat me and accepted my timeouts because most of the time I probably deserved them.

Brenna Eller

Basketball teams complete regular seasons with wins

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Hutchinson Community College regular-season basketball comes to a close, as both

men and women traveled Monday to Dodge City for the finale.

The No. 22-ranked women’s team won their 25th game of the season, beating the Conquistadors 50-35. The Blue Dragons shot 42.9 percent from the field, but only hit 2 of 15


Freshman Jada Mickens was the top scorer from both teams with 12 points, while sophomore Alicia Brown and freshman Sara Cramer scored eight a piece. Hutchinson’s defense was once again outstanding, limiting Dodge City to 30.4 percent shooting.

The Blue Dragons finished the regular season with a 25-5 overall record, and finished tied for second place with Independence Community College in the Jayhawk Conference. Hutchinson will be seeded No. 2 for the upcoming Region 6 tournament. They hosted Pratt Community College in the opening around on Thursday, with the winner moving to Monday’s quarterfinals in Park City to play the winner of Garden City Community College and Northwest Kansas Tech.

The No. 11-ranked men’s team won their 10th-consecutive game in Dodge City, as they

breezed past the Conquistadors 76-58. After HutchCC scored the first eight points, eight points was the closest deficit, as the Blue Dragons dominated all night.

Sophomore J.J. Ryhmes was the leading scorer for both teams with 22 on the night. He also became the eighth player to score over 1,200 career points in HutchCC history. Sophomore Devonte Bandoo added 12 points.

Dodge City only shot an abysmal 27.3 percent on the night, while Hutchinson shot 41.9 percent.

The men also finished the season in a second-place tie, with Barton Community College in the Jayhawk Conference at 21-5.

The Blue Dragons will be No. 2 seed in the Region 6 tournament. They hosted Cloud

County on Thursday. The winner moves to Sunday’s quarterfinals in Park City, taking on the winner between Northwest Kansas Tech and Independence.

Lucas Barlow

Swedish sensation

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Today marks the start of the 2018 NJCAA National Indoor Championships that is being held in Lubbock, Texas. The Hutchinson Community College track and field team will only be sending a select few to the meet, and of that few is sophomore Adriana Janic.

However, this isn’t a big surprise, as she is defending national champion in the women’s indoor 60-meter hurdles. One year ago, she placed third in the nation in high jump  (a school record), 17th in the long jump, and of course, her championship finish in the hurdles, in which she also set a school record.

She was also the Region 6 women’s pentathlon champion in 2017.

Before coming to Hutchinson, Janic grew up on the other side of the world in Malmö, Sweden, which is roughly the size of Wichita. Although her mom was Serbian and her father Nigerian, she was actually born in Sweden herself. She also attended Malmö Idrottsgymnasium, which is basically a high school for athletes.

Her biggest achievement during her high school career, was a fifth place finish in the 100-meter hurdles at IAAF World Youth Championships.

Janic’s decision to come to Kansas after high school was mostly based on the fact that she wanted to leave Sweden and study abroad. Although adapting to life here in Kansas might be hard for Janic, she mentioned how much she likes Hutchinson and all the people she met so far.

Her first year at Hutchinson was outstanding, as she was the Blue Dragons’ leading point scorer on the women’s side. Janic shined in any event she participated in, and that’s why she finished the year a five-time All-American as a freshman. After winning a national championship that year, Janic said she “was very happy that all her work she put into track finally paid off.”

This season, has already been great for Janic, as she has qualified nationally for two different events. She also repeated as Region 6 women’s pentathlon champion.

When asked if there was any pressure regarding her defending her championship this week, she coolly

Responded, “There’s no pressure, I know I got it.”

Lucas Barlow