Spreading kindness around campus

By Emma Cox
Campus Editor

The simplest things in life can make someone’s horrible day into an amazing day.

There has been a ‘Kindness Card’ making its way around the Hutchinson Community College campus, lifting students and faculty spirits.

Sophomore Alicia Snyder came across this card in Stringer Fine Arts Center on a seating bench. “I had saw the card and wondered who had left something behind, or whose it was, so I looked at it and I saw it said ‘To whoever picks this up’ so I took it,'” Snyder said. “It made my day so much, and not only that, but it made me want to do something like it as well.”

The contents of the card are not to be revealed unless you find the card yourself, but Snyder loves the idea of it.

“The idea of kindness is something I try to stick to,” Snyder said. “If you do something nice it makes others want to do something nice as well. Just like the pay it forward movement.”

It’s not hard to be a kind person and make someone’s day. Simply giving someone a compliment like, ‘You look nice today.’ or even holding the door open for someone, can put a smile on their face.

“Kindness is something everyone should practice. Kindness is infectious and we should spread it.” Snyder said.

Whenever you get the chance, spread your kindness in any way possible to make someone’s and possibly your own.

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