Editorial: Age shouldn’t be a problem for trick-or-treaters

A popular issue that has never been solved is the controversy surrounding the proper trick-or-treating age.

It is common that adults turn away most teenagers and adults. How old is too old though? If teenagers are asking for candy rather than drinking, smoking, or doing other disapproving things, then shouldn’t adults encourage them to go trick-or-treating?

There are also some exceptions for adults and exchange students going door-to-door asking for candy.
What if the adult is mentally handicapped or a foreign exchange student that has a once in a lifetime opportunity to partake in the thrilling American tradition?

If the issue is running out of candy, then the teenager would most likely understand that the children could receive the candy instead. It is the owner’s right to give to whoever they want, so the trick-or-treater should also respect the wishes of the candy giver. There are always more houses to go to.

Halloween is supposed to be fun and exciting, so why are people judgmental about who gets involved in the holiday? It should be about the experiences, not the personal issues? It isn’t a matter of life or death.

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