Reboot for classic

By Troy Daugherty

Ratchet and Clank is a great new addition to the original video game series, and acts as a wonderful reboot to the franchise.

It’s easy for new players, like myself, to pick up and have a huge amount of fun.

In the game, you play as Ratchet, a talking animal with attitude to spare.

Ratchet, a mechanic, is sitting on a pole when he sees a spaceship fall from the sky and goes to investigate.

He finds a small robot inside, fixes it up, and names the robot Clank.

They then team up and go on numerous adventures together to save the galaxy.

Right away, you’ll notice that the game is beautiful.

It looks like an interactive Pixar film.

It constantly splashes the screen with bright, vibrant colors and outstanding scenery.

Even better is the vast difference in visual imagery between settings in the game.

It constantly changes the environment you’re in so that they never start to feel dull.

The story is a retailing of the first game in the series.

This makes it really easy for new players to enjoy and old players to reminisce about the original.

It’s incredibly funny and all of the characters are just quirky enough to be really likeable.

The best thing about the game though, is the fact that it’s just really fun to play.

In a time when a lot of games go for extreme realism and avoid being over-the-top, Ratchet and Clank embraces it fully.

The core gameplay is destroying any and everything that stands in your way with a ridiculous array of wacky weaponry.

Once you finish blowing everything up, then you can explore the environments, which are interesting enough to make you want to find everything and look everywhere.

Overall, Ratchet and Clank is superb, childish fun.

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