Find the best study habit for yourself

By Amaelle Caron

April is a crazy time for college students It is the time of the year when everything is happening all at once.

Graduating students are finalizing their transfer information and looking for scholarships while having to deal with finals and dead week.

Every teacher and student is getting the whole program done in a couple of weeks.

The stress of the end of the school year is real. Students are getting tired and very anxious for it to end.

However, it is a very important time for the students who need to improve their grades to pass their classes.

Dead Week is happening next week and there are many ways to be ready for it.

Firstly, plan ahead! Don’t wait for your teacher to tell you what is due tomorrow and be prepared.

Take care of yourself, eat, sleep and get some break time with friends.

Study in groups! You can ask students from your classes to meet at the coffee shop or at the library and maybe you will make you new friends.

Berkeley University of California ran an experiment online to see what are the best ways to get ready for finals.

Surprisingly, one piece of advice that came up a few times was to spend the night before a test watching TV.

A senior wrote that she just relax the night before her finals made her less stressed and she could remember more of her studying for the test.

You have to study in order to succeed. You just need to find the way of studying that works best four you.

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