Dressing with real modesty, respect.


By Hannah Wallace

Dear Hannah, Are you going to continue journalism in Hawaii?

Dear curious, no I don’t think that I will continue journalism while in Hawaii. As much as I like writing I don’t think that it’s the career for me. Journalism wasn’t even what I intended to do here while at HCC. Enrolling in the class was just something I did to get enough hours to live in the dorms. When the class seemed to be a good fit for me I decided to take it again just because I enjoyed it. I never knew I was good at writing but it seemed to be one of those hidden talents. I would only continue writing and doing journalism if offered a job through the DOD, “Department of Defense.”

Dear Hannah, What do you think about girls that wear crop tops?

Dear fashion wonderer, Well seeing it is that my parents taught me to dress with respect and modesty. I don’t much care for crop tops. I have noticed however that when the weather gets warmer, layers of clothing are removed, thus making some of the girls look like cheap, self loathing girls that lack self-esteem, so they seek approval and praise form the people around them to ensure that they are what society considers beautiful. It is not, in my opinion, clothes that make someone beautiful, but rather, their heart.

Dear Hannah, Do you think Kansas should legalize marijuana?

Dear pothead, I do think it should be legalized, but only with restrictions. If you have a medical condition and are given a prescription by your doctor. I think in order to receive marijuana you have to have a prescription; any misuse of the drug should lead to a permanent ban from the product. Live loud, be kind and light up.

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