Bernie Sanders wins at promoting his ideas

By Troy Daugherty

At this point Bernie Sanders is most likely not going to be the Democratic nominee.

After this Tuesday’s primaries, in which Clinton won four out of the five states, he is behind over 300 pledged delegates. That number rises to over 800 when super-delegates, which are stupid, are calculated in as well.

That means that he would have to win around 80% of the remaining delegates to get the nomination.

That is almost certainly not going to happen. However, it isn’t needed for Sanders to win in the long run. He has already won.

He’s won the battle of getting his ideas out to the public and informing the public of how his ideas could work.

By doing this, he’s managed to push a large number of young voters significantly more towards the left.

I, for example, have always believed in a lot of the same policies that Sanders does. However, I’ve always thought of myself as a fringe individual that is way more far left than most.

Now I realize that is probably true for the population as a whole, but not for others around my same age.

Sanders is immensely popular among young voters. In the primaries, he has beaten Clinton by over a 2-to-1 margin amidst this group.

He’s done this by showing an entire generation that it’s alright to shoot for the stars and try to use the government to help the general population in a large number of ways never even considered before.

Not only has he found success within the Democratic Party, but he’s also increased the strength of the party as a whole.

He has the ability to turn independents into democrats.

Since he started his campaign last year, the number of young people who say they are democrat has risen by four percent while the number who said they were independent fell by the same amount.

He can use this newfound power among the youth to push the Democratic Party as a whole more toward the left.

Even if he isn’t president, he will be a much bigger player in the Democratic Party after this election.

When he speaks in Congress now, people will have to take it more seriously if they want to win over young voters in the future.

Democrats can capitalize on this opportunity to shift their platform more left and gain more young voters for the future.

By doing so, they can ensure themselves a large number of presidential wins in the future, as this generation becomes the largest voting sector in America.

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